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Employee Onboarding Process Automation

New Employee Onboarding Process

Automate your employee onboarding process, generate Government PDFs, and collect signatures. Get up and running in days!

Your Onboarding Process in 3 Easy Steps

Your Employee Onboarding Process is Unique

frevvo is designed to be flexible because no two businesses are exactly alike. Start with a pre-built template and customize the forms and workflows, integrate with your internal systems, setup business rules and use our API to exactly fit your unique employee onboarding requirements. Everything is possible.

Understand & optimize your onboarding process

Visually monitor, analyze and optimize your employee onboarding in flexible ways. Examine active workflows, discover bottlenecks, and find and correct errors.

Our Customers say it best

OSRAM Sylvania
"We needed an affordable solution that worked with our existing PeopleSoft and HR Portal. Live Forms has the best combination of usability, price, support and business capabilities on the market today."
Roger Rudenstein, ERP Manager

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