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Accounting & Financial Processes

Electronic Signatures, Integrations, PDF Generation.

Workflow Routing, Built-in Mobile, Conditional Logic.

Our customers are digitizing accounting & financial forms and processes like Purchase Order, Expense Tracking and Travel Authorization in days!
Accounting Forms and Processes

Why improve Financial processes?

Every business relies on critical "back office functions" like finance and administration. They're vital to the success of day-to-day operations. Inefficient manual processes lead to bottlenecks that bog your business down.

frevvo can help your organization automate, track and better manage your accounting processes, reduce bottlenecks and streamline your daily operations.

Benefits of Financial Process Automation

Improved Relationships
Fast, efficient approvals with fewer delays and errors ensure dependable communication and promote relationships.
Mobile Enablement
Let employees & clients securely access data and digitally sign for approvals anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Increased Accuracy
Use the Visual Rule Builder to connect business systems, validate data and perform calculations automatically.
Tighter Controls
Access control, configurable approvals, tracking and auditing provide strong compliance, visibility and oversight.
Increased Efficiency
Process automation makes your business agile. The result is reduced complexity, higher productivity and customer focus.
Reduced Costs
Affordable, cloud-based business automation software offers massive cost savings that can be reinvested in digital.

Accounting must digitally transform to deliver business value

Purchase Order Process Automation
Business speed is increasing and accounting needs to be ready

As a new wave of digitization, powered by automation and AI, is sweeping across the business landscape, accounting departments must also change. They must deliver solutions with unprecedented speed and agility to meet the demands of the modern business climate. They must be able to mine proprietary business data, interpret it and provide critical business insights.

Manual processes are a huge handicap

In spite of the urgency of digital transformation, many accounting departments still rely on Excel- or paper-based processes for everyday functions like approving purchase orders, and handling travel requests. These manual processes are extremely inefficient – your people spend their time chasing down signatures, correcting errors and dealing with paperwork. It's 100% unproductive use of valuable time and talent.

The first step is to automate these routine processes using workflow software so that your people can focus on the work that matters.

Unlock your data

With manual processes, you don't have access to your most valuable asset – your proprietary business data. Process automation also digitizes data so that your finance wizards can use modern tools to analyze it, learn from it, make better decisions and improve compliance.

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Get up and running quickly
Top 10 Financial forms and workflows digitized by our customers
Purchase Requisition
Travel Claim
Expense Reports
Mileage Reimbursement
Credit Authorization
Time Sheet
Cost Allocation
Recruiting Authorization
Budget Approval
Sales Orders

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Why automate with frevvo?

Our drag-and-drop workflow software makes automating these everyday accounting processes easy and affordable. Anyone, not just programmers, can use modern, visual tools to digitize routine processes like purchase orders, travel requests, and sales orders. You don't have to concern yourself with technical details: your forms and workflows will automatically validate fields, work 24x7 on all mobile devices, support e-signatures, PDF generations and a host of business-friendly capabilities. We also offer numerous templates to help you get started. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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