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Smart Dynamic Forms

Conditional logic, Calculations, Electronic Signatures

Populated fields, Integrations, Built-in Mobile.

Dynamic forms are a crucial part of your business. Replace static, error-prone paper and PDF forms with fully digital electronic forms on any device.

Easily Create Highly Interactive forms with frevvo

Digital transformation is all about engaging user experiences. Online forms are a big part of customer interactions. Unnecessary data entry, manual calculations, printing for signatures and even simply bad-looking forms are a killer.

frevvo’s dynamic form builder software provides an easy drag & drop designer so non-technical users can take any paper- or email-based form and quickly build a sophisticated, interactive e-form that works across all devices. They look good, are streamlined for digital and automatically adjust to all devices.

Key Benefits

Simple Form Design: Drag & Drop

Non-technical citizen developers can easily design, customize & deploy professional forms with real business features without requiring coding skills or involving I.T.

Design Once, Use Anywhere: Built-in Mobile

Your business runs everywhere. Your forms need to do the same. frevvo forms and workflows operate wherever your users need them. Best of all, you design your forms, setup your workflow and create your business rules once – we'll ensure that they automatically work everywhere.

No Printing: Electronic Signatures

There's no need to print, sign and scan paper documents for approvals. With frevvo, secure, digital signatures are built in. Users can instantly sign using their touch screen device or laptop computer at any time.

Flexible Deployment: Cloud or On-Premise

With our Cloud software, we setup and manage frevvo in the our secure, reliable data centers. With On-Premise software, you host frevvo on your own hardware. You're able to customize the setup to your liking.

Real Business Needs: Dynamic Forms

Business forms such as Purchase Requests, Patient Medical History, Student Registration etc. are much easier to complete if calculations are performed automatically, irrelevant sections are hidden and fields are pre-populated where possible. With frevvo's Visual Rule Builder, dynamic forms are a piece of cake.

Work with your business data: Integration

Forms & workflows are much more useful if they can display things like part numbers and employee details. frevvo forms easily integrate with SQL Databases, Active Directory (LDAP) and business systems to provide this dynamic functionality.

Custom PDF Forms

Easily generate custom PDF documents from form data such as a Government W-4 or I-9. Signatures can also be included so the form/workflow instantly generates a valid PDF document.

Built for Business: Enterprise Features

Attachments, Accessibility, Multiple Languages, Sophisticated Layouts, Repeating Items, Custom Styles, Access Control, Location Services, XML/XSD integration: frevvo has all the features to fulfill enterprise needs.

No form is an island: Built-in Workflow

Extract much more value from your forms by making them actionable. When you make them part of a frevvo workflow, you'll connect your people, data and business systems and turn your inefficient, manual processes into powerful, streamlined workflows.

Dynamic Forms Users

  • Eliminate common manual processes: Purchase Requisitions, Sales Orders, Invoices, Expense Reports and other day-to-day processes in the Finance Department are often paper- or email-based and are low-hanging fruit for automation. Research shows that digitizing these processes can save up to 69%.
  • Dynamic, interactive forms are crucial: Online forms can perform calculations automatically, prefill data such as a Part Number or a Project Code, and to only display relevant portions of the form.
  • Business agility with timely approvals: Expedited approvals for financial processes are a must-have for business agility. Your organization must be able to react in real-time to changing customer demands or to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • Huge time savings by replacing manual tasks: HR specialists spend over 40% of their time on administrative work such as re-entering data from one system to another. An electronic portal with self-service, online forms dramatically improves efficiency.
  • Automatically generate Government documents: New Hire On-Boarding often requires employees to enter information and sign forms over and over. Eliminate duplicate data entry using electronic signatures and custom PDF generation. With frevvo, the generated PDF (e.g. a Federal W-4 or I-9 form) has all the data as well as the signature transferred from the electronic form.
  • Dynamic, interactive forms are crucial: HR forms can often be very long. Online forms can display just the relevant portions of the form, copy repeated information (like name or SSN) from one form to another and skip sections if they are not required.
  • No hardware or software to buy and maintain: With frevvo's Cloud offering, you simply sign up for an online account and go. We manage the infrastructure, ensure 24x7 availability, and high performance. If absolutely necessary, we also offer an on-premise edition.
  • Focus on work that matters: Easy, drag & drop form design coupled with visual rules means citizen developers without I.T. skills can create forms that meet their business requirements. I.T. can focus on areas that require coding expertise.
  • Enterprise grade security and capabilities: frevvo's systems and procedures ensure that your data is always encrypted and safe. Our own employees cannot view your data and we never sell customer data to third parties. Features like AD/SAML integration for SSO, Accessibility, SQL Integration and Multi-language support give you the confidence that frevvo dynamic forms will meet all your enterprise needs.

Your electronic forms in 3 easy steps

Sales Orders
(Database Integration)

SQL integration dynamically displays line items in a sales order.

Powerful online forms and approval workflows that integrate with your SQL database to dynamically retrieve information, create & update it.

Electronic Signatures
for Permission Forms

Electronic signatures eliminate printing, scanning and signing.

Electronic signatures on your frevvo web forms and approval workflows dramatically improve usability since there's no need for wasteful printing, scanning and e-mailing.

Multi-language PDF Generation
for Emergency Contact

Multiple languages ensure critical information is accurate.

Multiple languages ensure accurate emergency contact forms. PDF generation ensures easy access. Try this example in English, Spanish or Chinese.

Video – Beautiful, responsive
mobile web forms

Forms and workflows that work naturally on tablets & smart phones.

Forms and workflows that automatically work and provide a natural, responsive mobile user experience. Try some of these examples on your tablet or smart phone.

Dynamic Customer Info
(Database Integration)

Master-detail form gets information from a SQL database.

Dynamically get customer info from a database. We're updating this example to demonstrate integrating with a sample SQL DB containing student records.

Infographic – Responsive
Mobile Web Apps

Online approval workflows save faculty & staff precious time.

Mobile web apps for day-to-day forms and workflows are not easy yet everyone expects to use them on their mobile devices. With frevvo, anyone can do it.

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