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Dynamic/Signature/Database Forms

Drag & Drop. Point & Click.

Dynamic forms are a crucial part of your business. Replace expensive, error-prone paper and PDF forms with fully digital electronic forms on any device.
Smart forms for business

Why frevvo forms?

Don't convert large paper forms into equally unwieldy digital ones. frevvo's dynamic forms only display what users need to see. They look good, are streamlined for digital and automatically adjust to all devices.

The result: they're easier to complete, users are more likely to finish them and your business will flow faster.

Your electronic forms in 3 easy steps

Desktop | Tablet | Smartphone Design Once Use Anywhere

Your business runs everywhere. Your forms need to do the same. frevvo forms and workflow operate wherever your users need them. Best of all, you design your forms, setup your workflow and create your business rules once – we'll ensure that they automatically work everywhere.

No form is an island

Extract much more value from your forms by making them actionable. When you make them part of a frevvo workflow, you'll connect your people, data and business systems and turn your inefficient, manual processes into powerful, streamlined workflows.

Our Customers say it best

Safety Technologies Holdings Inc.
frevvo forms look good and they're very user friendly. They also integrate with our existing business systems. Live Forms is the best web-based forms & workflow solution on the market today."
Michael Riggirello, MIS/IT Systems Administrator

Sales Orders
(Database Integration)

Powerful online forms and approval workflows that integrate with your SQL database to dynamically retrieve information, create & update it.

Electronic Signatures
for Permission Forms

Electronic signatures on your frevvo web forms and approval workflows dramatically improve usability since there's no need for wasteful printing, scanning and e-mailing.

Multi-language PDF Generation
for Emergency Contact

Multiple languages ensure accurate emergency contact forms. PDF generation ensures easy access. Try this example in English, Spanish or Chinese.

Video – Beautiful, responsive
mobile web forms

Forms and workflows that work naturally on tablets & smart phones.

Forms and workflows that automatically work and provide a natural, responsive mobile user experience. Try some of these examples on your tablet or smart phone.

Dynamic Customer Info
(Database Integration)

Dynamically get customer info from a database. We're updating this example to demonstrate integrating with a sample SQL DB containing student records.

Infographic – Responsive
Mobile Web Apps

Online approval workflows save faculty & staff precious time.

Mobile web apps for day-to-day forms and workflows are not easy yet everyone expects to use them on their mobile devices. With frevvo, anyone can do it.

Our Customers say it best

Syracuse University
"We created an account for them on the Live Forms server and showed them the tutorials. They're creating their own forms and exporting submissions to Excel. It took less than 5 minutes of an ITS developer"s time."
James Bort, Technical Lead, Online Platforms

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