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Forms & Workflow Management

Workflow automation software helps your organization transition daily operational processes online. As manual work is eliminated, your employees spend less time on paperwork and more on work that matters.

100% Visual Workflow Automation

How to easily automate workflows without any coding

Workflow automation on mobile devices is essential for your organization to thrive in the digital economy yet it can be a complicated endeavor. Internal processes have many quirks and exceptions and routing rules can quickly get cumbersome. Projects took forever and required coding expertise.

With frevvo's visual, workflow automation software that's a thing of the past. Using drag-and-drop designers, a visual rule builder, and point-and-click wizards anyone can automate purchase orders, new hire forms and other everyday processes without programming.

Workflow automation in 3 easy steps

Workflow automation demystified

What is workflow automation?

Routine, everyday workflows are the lifeblood of any organization. From onboarding new hires to processing invoices and purchase requests to I.T. trouble tickets, these workflows run most aspects of the organization. If you break it down, everyday tasks boil down to moving information from person to person, department to department with the right approvals and reviews.

Workflow automation streamlines these daily tasks so that they are no longer manual. With automation, an employee looking for approval for a purchase doesn't have to chase down their manager for a signature or try to figure out where an email is. The automation software ensures that work is delivered to the right people at the right time electronically and that the process conforms to business norms.

Why do we need workflow automation?

Today, over-delivering on customer service is a critical business imperative. The majority of these interactions start online. As millennials are increasingly your employees and customers, the importance of connecting with them online and on mobile devices is growing. If your day-to-day workflows are manual and your customer data is locked up in file cabinets or email folders, how will your organization respond to this new breed of customers? If millennials can only work with you during business hours on the phone, your organization risks being outflanked by digital competitors.

If your back office isn't already digital, you need to get started with workflow automation today. Otherwise, be prepared to be disrupted by nimbler, well-funded Silicon Valley competitors.

Workflow automation brings huge benefits

  • World-class customer support: You must do everything in your power to make sure you respond quickly to customers. It could literally be a question of your organization's ability to survive in the future.
  • Massive Cost reductions: It helps that automating operational workflows dramatically lowers costs. We're talking about 50% or greater cost reductions in your back office. The resulting ROI is massive and rapid.
  • Mobile is eating the world: 75% of US workers rely on mobile and millennials literally live on their phones. You had better be there too. Workflow and forms automation is the first step.
  • Business agility: Business change is only accelerating. A bad review on Twitter can spread like wildfire. Workflow automation reduces manual tasks so employees can spend their time on valuable work like responding to customers and reacting to business opportunities.

Routine workflows are ripe for automation

Your employees are probably working on things right now that are perfect for workflow automation. Anything that's repetitive, performed reasonably often and involving more than one department is a candidate. Consider these examples:

Get started without coding

Workflow automation has many moving parts – online forms, electronic routing for workflows, PDF document generation, business logic & rules, electronic signatures and more. Automation can be a complex task and often requires support from some of your busiest and most expensive people – the I.T. department.

Enable citizen developers for faster workflow apps

There is good news. Your existing employees who are not coders-by-trade (citizen developers) can use frevvo's modern, visual workflow automation tools to drag-and-drop to create online forms and electronic workflows that meet business requirements. frevvo is easy because it comes with:

Get started today

Do not delay. Digital transformation is a huge opportunity and a huge risk for your business. You simply cannot afford to be stuck in the manual, analog world. It's a ticking time bomb. Try our easy workflow automation solutions today by clicking on the Try frevvo free button above and sign up for a free 30-day trial.

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