Mobile Web Forms and
Approval Workflows

Easy Web Form Builder

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Business Users do more.

By customizing online forms and workflows that fit your business, you can run your business more effectively, and cut down on the paperwork and time necessary to fill out and process e-forms. frevvo's intuitive web form builder is so easy to use that you can put it in the hands of business users rather than expensive programmers and enable entire business to run more efficiently.

Drag and drop simplicity.

Even your least tech-savvy business users will find our web form builder interface easy to use. No programming or installation is required and you can simply drag & drop everything from tables to images to signatures using your existing web browser. frevvo e-forms automatically employ best design practices to ensure that your forms are easy to use and complete. frevvo lets you design and deploy your e-forms and workflows swiftly and easily.


Mobile Forms

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Mobile is built-in.

Users expect 24/7 access from their tablets, smart phones and desktops. frevvo's online form builder is automatically compatible with all devices. Responsive layouts ensure that your forms and workflows will adjust to multiple screen sizes and provide a natural and comfortable user experience.

Workflow on the go.

All functionality including workflow task lists, approvals, calculations, integration, e-signatures and PDF export is fully supported on mobile devices. As mobile browser usage surges, mobile forms that allow business to be conducted anytime/anywhere are essential to growth.

Easy mobile business forms and approval workflows.

Built for Business

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frevvo means business.

PDF export, E-signatures, XML support, Database Integration, Business Rules, Workflow. Secure, Fault Tolerant, Scalable and High Performance.

At frevvo, we understand that real-world business forms tend to have complex functionality, integration requirements and performance needs. We have the capabilities and experience to ensure successful outcomes for your projects.

Dotted line included.

Electronically sign e-forms using touch devices as well as regular desktop computers. Guarantee that submitted data has not been tampered with by enabling digital signatures. It's just one of the many powerful features we provide to help ensure that you can securely and conveniently conduct business from anywhere.


Cloud Based

Flexible, easy deployment in the public or private cloud.


Public or private cloud.

frevvo means flexible deployment – host your online forms and workflows on frevvo's servers in our secure datacenter or install the software in-house behind your own firewall.