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100% Visual Workflow Software

Digitize business processes in days. Anyone can do it.

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Workflow automation is the foundation of digital transformation. But, it's not easy and skilled programmers are hard to find.

Using frevvo's easy visual designers and wizards, anyone can build and manage secure automated workflows, drag-and-drop fields and use our visual rule builder to create dynamic forms, automatically deploy on mobile devices and take advantage of e-signatures, PDF generation and a host of business-friendly capabilities.

100% Visual Workflow Automation

Solve common business problems

Pre-built templates are available for everyday use cases

Customization is easy and we offer built-in guidance as well as many forms of free, no-obligation help.

Drag & Drop. Point & Click.

It's never been easier to design beautiful forms and route them to the right people.

100% Visual Business Logic

Real-world business forms and processes are dynamic. With the Visual Rule Builder, simply point and click to initialize fields, perform calculations, show/hide sections and conditionally route to the right person. It's so easy anyone can do it.

Automate in days

Sign up for a free trial.
Install a pre-built template app.
Visually customize to fit your needs.

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