Workflow Software for Effortless Automation

Real-world processes are complex with exceptions, business rules, deadlines and conditional routing.

frevvo's visual workflow automation tools are so easy to use that anyone can design forms and workflows, setup business logic and deploy an automated solution in record time – no I.T. needed.

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Try frevvo's workflow automation software in just a few clicks

Solutions for common business problems

Solutions for common business problems

Pre-built templates are available for common tasks in finance, HR, procurement and other departments. Or, create your own.

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Customization is easy and we offer built-in guidance as well as many forms of free, no-obligation support.

Graphical, drag & drop form builder

Zero code form and workflow management

It's never been easier to design beautiful forms and route them to the right people. Automate using our cloud-based workflow software and get started in minutes.

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Easy dynamic behavior using visual rules

Point-and-click business logic

Use our dynamic form builder to auto-populate fields, show/hide sections, perform calculations, route workflows conditionally, setup dynamic validation – it's all possible without writing a single line of JavaScript. It's so easy anyone can do it.

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Powerful integrations & APIs for easy connectivity

Business workflow automation that integrates with your data

Your business processes don’t live in isolation. They need to work with organizational data stored in SQL databases, Google Apps, document management systems, SharePoint, and other business systems.

Use frevvo’s visual wizards and APIs for easy integration with a variety of systems. Incorporate dynamic data into your forms and workflows.

Learn more about frevvo's integrations & APIs.

Responsive, mobile forms

Built-in mobile

Responsive mobile apps are hard to build by hand. There are too many devices, screen sizes, and custom formats. Yet, users expect a slick mobile experience.

With frevvo, it's all built-in. Simply use our visual designers to create your forms and workflows. We'll take care of the rest. They'll work naturally and look beautiful on all devices.

Learn more about frevvo's mobile form builder.

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Graphical, drag & drop form builder

Workflow analysis and optimization

The best workflow management initiatives are iterative and continuously improve processes to optimize performance.

Our workflow analysis software comes with built-in reports to track and analyze your processes to identify bottlenecks, remove inefficiencies and improve productivity.

Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Powerful workflow management for enterprise needs

frevvo includes everything to automate everyday tasks in your enterprise:

  • Security: Integration with your existing provider, e.g. Active Directory or SAML, simplifies authentication for users. All your data is automatically encrypted.
  • Localization: Users can work with your forms and workflows globally in all languages.
  • Accessibility: Automatically meet ADA & WCAG compliance requirements.
  • Mobile: Forms & workflows automatically work on all devices.
  • PDF Generation: Use our built-in, visual mapping tools to generate required PDFs such as a Federal W-4 or I-9 from workflow data.
  • Flexibility: Cloud-based or on-premise workflow software.

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