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frevvo Solutions Showcase: Automate COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking and Self Certification

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To enable workers to safely return to the office for in-person work, the US will soon require companies with over 100 employees to mandate that their workforce be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. Organizations are turning to no-code automation solutions like frevvo to rapidly implement new protocols to comply with these new rules.

With 100% visual workflow automation, form design, free e-signatures, PDF generation, and more, frevvo can help you deploy solutions in days at reasonable cost while still guaranteeing security and privacy.

Join us on this short webinar. We'll discuss:

  • What process automation does to accelerate your back-to-the-office programs
  • How frevvo's simple software enables you to quickly deploy automated COVID-19 workflows
  • Pre-built templates for other back-to-office initiatives like self certification, daily wellness checks, etc.
  • and more ...

Learn how to create fully automated back-to-office workflows in days without coding.

Dashboards: Monitor and Optimize Workflows to Gain Business Insights

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Now that you've automated your workflows, how can you set quantifiable goals and ensure that they are meeting those goals? With a workflow visualization dashboard.

Join us on this short webinar. Using a procurement process example, we'll discuss:

  • Metrics/KPIs of interest to stakeholders (strategic, tactical, operational)
  • Choosing the right data visualization
  • How to create reports and dashboards in frevvo to monitor your workflows
  • and more ...

Learn how to create fully automated workflows that you can monitor and continuously optimize to gain operational excellence.

How to Integrate Forms & Workflows With Your SQL Database

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Online forms and workflows are a big part of everyday customer and employee interactions. They're simply more useful if they can connect to business data e.g. to retrieve part numbers, client information etc.

The problem is that it's hard – even for experienced programmers. There are all the details of connecting to the database, managing shared DB connections, error handling, transforming data back and forth between SQL and HTML forms, security/authentication and so on. Not so with frevvo.

Join us on this short webinar where we'll demonstrate a complete PO application:

  • Connect forms & workflows to your SQL database
  • List, create, and update vendor information from SQL
  • Create or update purchase orders including vendor info from SQL
  • Reconcile invoices received against existing purchase orders

Integrating with Document Management Systems

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Business processes usually generate documents such as a PO, Travel Authorization, New Hire Onboarding PDFs etc. With frevvo, you can automate these workflows, use digital signatures, generate documents, and save them to your existing document management system.

Join us on this short webinar. We'll demonstrate several options:

  • frevvo's built-in repository
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Sweep folder – Xerox DocuShare, M-Files, and others
  • Connector for SharePoint
  • [new] Connector for DocuWare Cloud
  • and more ...

Join this webinar to see how you can improve efficiency with electronic workflows integrated with your document management system.

Workflow Design Patterns

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Business workflows come in all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of requirements. You can create a frevvo workflow to handle almost any business situation.

Join us on this short webinar. We'll explore several common workflow design patterns such as:

  • Screen flows for multi-page forms
  • Dynamic role and user-based approvals
  • Multiple users collaborating on a single workflow step
  • Securely assign to anonymous participants
  • Automated steps
  • Start multiple workflow instances from a form
  • and more ...

Join this webinar to see how you can implement real workflows that meet business requirements today.

How to create a complex business form in minutes

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Customers in all verticals have used frevvo's drag & drop designer to create complex forms that meet real business needs. All without involving I.T. or doing any coding.

Join us on this short webinar. In less than 30m, we'll create a real Expense Report form that:

  • Includes a dynamic table to add line expense line items
  • Performs calculations automatically
  • Uses lookups and dynamic pick lists to simplify form completion
  • Allows users to attach documents such as receipts just by taking a photo
  • Routes conditionally for approvals and automatically notifies users
  • Incorporates secure, audited, digital signatures
  • Supports all mobile devices automatically
  • Generates PDFs and saves them securely.

Join this webinar to see how you can implement game-changing solutions today.

frevvo + Google: Dynamic Forms, Single Sign On & Approval Workflows

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Does your organization use G Suite and Google Apps? You can combine frevvo + Google to sign in using your Google credentials, solve real business problems, improve productivity and efficiency and allow employees to focus on customers, students and patients instead of being bogged down in paperwork.

Join us on this short (45m) webinar where you'll see how you can

  • Sign in to frevvo using your Google Apps credentials
  • Create dynamic forms that work with Google sheets
  • Automate day-to-day approvals
  • Save documents to Google Drive

Legally Binding Digital Signatures

Digital Signature Software

Business processes come in all shapes and sizes. Yet, they almost always require at least one – usually multiple – signatures. In many cases, these signatures must be legal so they enforce a contract.

Join us on this short webinar. We'll show you how easy it is to create electronic forms and processes that use legally binding electronic signatures to eliminate printing, signing, and scanning. We'll demonstrate:

  • Basic Electronic Signatures: Easy, convenient signatures for anonymous signing. Use where identity verification of the signer is not essential.
  • Digital Signatures with Identity Verification: Secure, encrypted signatures that require authentication. Use where you need to verify the identity of the signer and protect the data from potential tampering.
  • Digital Signatures with Email Verification: Some situations, e.g. a services workflow that routes from internal employees to external people may require secure signatures without authentication. See how easy it is using frevvo.

Create Dynamic PDF Forms with Simple Drag-and-Drop

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It’s a common requirement among our customers – they love the advantages of online forms such as dynamic behavior and mobile ready but need to generate their own PDF document. For example, a Federal W-4 or I-9 during Employee On-Boarding.

With frevvo, you don't have to choose.

Join us on this webinar on Wednesday, March 10. We'll show you example workflows that generate customized PDFs and demonstrate how easy it is to drag & drop and create your own documents.

How to Visually Create Dynamic Forms With Zero Coding

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Real-world business forms are usually dynamic. There are numerous scenarios where dynamic forms can make life a lot easier for users. Yet, they can be hard to setup unless you have frevvo's Visual Rule Builder.

Join us on this webinar on Thursday, Feb 18. We'll demonstrate a number of dynamic forms scenarios encountered by real customers and show how to visually create business rules for these situations without a single line of code.

  • Automatically filling form fields
  • Calculated fields
  • Showing/Hiding sections on demand
  • Conditionally routing workflows based on form data
  • and more ...

Workflow 101: How to automate without coding

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It's 2021. Simple, no-code workflow automation software like frevvo is so easy to use that anyone can drag-and-drop to design forms and workflows, setup business logic and deploy an automated solution in record time.

Join us on January 28 at 12 p.m. EST for a 45-minute webinar where we'll show you:

  • Provide some basic information in our wizard and generate a fully functional workflow.
  • Customize the form, workflow, and business logic using our guided designer.
  • Deploy the workflow to cloud in minutes.
  • Preview new features coming soon.

See how quickly and easily you can automate everyday operations with frevvo.

Rapid Process Automation Starter Kit

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Like many other organizations, you may have been forced to suddenly switch to remote work. For schools, universities, and small businesses it can be a wrenching transition. At frevvo, we've always been remote, and we're sharing how we use automation while working from home to work effectively.

Join us on April 9 at 11 a.m. EDT for a 45-minute webinar where we'll show you:

  • How to setup your team for success by rapidly automating those long-overdue processes
  • Plug-and-play templates that you can deploy in minutes
  • Things to remember when you suddenly shift to remote work
  • Conditionally routing workflows based on form data
  • and more ...

frevvo team members will answer questions after the webinar so you can be confident you're setting up systems that will support your customers, students, and employees.

Automate your PO process and meet real business needs

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PO and Invoice processing is a basic function of every organization. Yet, real-world processes can be quite complex:

  • Forms are lengthy with part numbers, subtotals etc.
  • Routing is often dynamic e.g. VP if $5,000 or more.
  • POs usually require multiple signatures.
  • Users may attach documents.
  • POs integrate with SQL, AD etc.

Join us for this 45 minute webinar on Jun 27. We'll show you how easy it is to create automated solutions that meet real business requirements.

Go the extra [forms] mile

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Forms are a part of life but they don't have to be tedious and ugly. Clean, well-designed online forms help customers provide information quickly and painlessly. What if your existing employees could do it all using simple visual tools without coding? Sounds great, right?

Join us for this 45 minute webinar on Nov 15. We'll show you online forms that:

  • Look great on all devices.
  • Dynamically adjust so they're easy to complete.
  • Never need to be printed.
  • Route automatically for approvals.
  • and more ...

100% Visual Workflow Automation

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Digitizing everyday workflows can be a lot of work. Dynamic forms, conditional routing, integration, mobile support and slick user interfaces - it's a lot to handle and that's if you can find the programming talent.

What if your existing employees could do it all using simple visual tools? Sounds great, right?

Join us for this 45 minute webinar on September 27. We'll demonstrate how you can:

  • Drag & drop to create sophisticated forms.
  • Use the Visual Rule Builder for dynamic behavior.
  • Setup routing and workflow properties visually.
  • Run the workflow on any mobile device.
  • Use e-signatures, PDF generation, secure authentication automatically.

Your AP department deserves painless Purchase Orders

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Purchase Order Approval is one of the most common day-to-day workflows. Your AP automation solution should save you time & money and reduce errors. A comprehensive solution will improve your data quality, speed up your routing & approvals, and make PO processing painless.

Join us for this 30 minute webinar on September 6 as we explore:

  • How you can drag & drop to create e-forms for secure yet simple processing
  • Easily design automated workflows for better management and visibility
  • Use visual wizards for calculations and dynamic behavior.

HR Automation in Days

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HR affects most individuals and departments with a high volume of processes and policies. HR specialists spend 40% of their time on administrative work such as re-entering data from one system to another.

frevvo's customers are digitizing human resources forms and processes like Employee On-boarding, Travel Expense and Vacation Request in days! We can help your organization automate, track and better manage your HR processes, improve communication and cut down on expensive repetitive tasks.

Join us on this webinar on Thursday, Mar 29. We'll demonstrate several examples including:

  • Pre-filling employee information from a back end system.
  • Generating PDFs such as a W-4 from form data.
  • Using forms and workflows on mobile devices.
  • Electronic signatures.
  • Visual Rules for dynamic forms and workflows.

e-Forms/Approval Workflows in your Institution today

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Schools & Universities are drowning in paper and administrative costs have increased dramatically. Many institutions are using frevvo today to reduce bureaucracy and paperwork and reinvest the dollars where they count – in instruction and in research.

Join us on this short webinar. We'll show examples of how customers use frevvo today:

  • E-forms & signatures for students (e.g. Address Change)
  • Anytime Anywhere faculty approvals (Internship Applications)
  • Employee Authorization (e.g. Travel Requests)
  • Pre-fill information (SQL)
  • PDF generation (e.g. Government W-4)

Automate SharePoint workflows; Replace InfoPath forms

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Learn how your organization can use frevvo Workflow for SharePoint to quickly turn wasteful manual processes into fully automated, efficient workflows. Drag & drop using our intuitive browser-based form & workflow designers to create powerful business forms and approval workflows. Save your documents to a SharePoint library or to write data to a SharePoint list.

Join us on this webinar on Tuesday, Oct 17. We'll demonstrate how to:

  • Install a pre-built workflow template with a single click.
  • Try the template and run the workflow.
  • Use point and click wizards to connect it to SharePoint.

Automate routine approvals for employee efficiency

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Scarcity of talent is now the #1 challenge most organizations face. It's even more important to focus your employees on doing the things that matter.

Using Cloud + Mobile to automate your everyday approvals such as employee on-boarding and purchase requisitions is one of the easiest ways to promote employee efficiency.

Join us on this short webinar where you'll see how employees can sign & approve electronically in any language from anywhere and on any device using frevvo. We'll demonstrate how you can start with a pre-built frevvo template, quickly customize it to fit your needs and deploy it in frevvo's Cloud.

Join this webinar to see how you can start implementing game-changers today.

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