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Visually create dynamic forms with Zero Coding

Mobile Web forms

Real-world business forms are usually dynamic. From automatically pre-filling dates and user information to automatically calculating subtotals and grand totals to showing/hiding sections on-demand, there are numerous scenarios where dynamic forms can make life a lot easier for users. Yet, they can be hard to setup unless ... you have frevvo's Visual Rule Builder.

Join us on this webinar on Wednesday, Nov 8. We'll demonstrate a number of dynamic forms scenarios encountered by real customers and show how to visually create business rules for these situations without a single line of code.

Automate SharePoint workflows; Replace InfoPath forms

Mobile Web forms

Learn how your organization can use frevvo Workflow for SharePoint to quickly turn wasteful manual processes into fully automated, efficient workflows. Drag & drop using our intuitive browser-based form & workflow designers to create powerful business forms and approval workflows. Save your documents to a SharePoint library or to write data to a SharePoint list.

Join us on this webinar on Tuesday, Oct 17. We'll demonstrate how to:

  • Install a pre-built workflow template with a single click.
  • Try the template and run the workflow.
  • Use point and click wizards to connect it to SharePoint.

What's new in frevvo 7.3 + Rule Builder preview

Mobile Web forms

frevvo 7.3 was recently released. We've improved it in ways that are really important to customers. We're also excited about some upcoming developments including big improvements to the Visual Rule Builder.

Join us on this webinar on Thursday, Oct 05. We'll demonstrate:

  • Connecting to SharePoint using point and click wizards.
  • Visual Precondition Rule Builder.
  • Connecting pick lists to web services with zero code.
  • Visual Rule Builder for calculations and other advanced functions (coming soon).

Automate your PO workflow in days

Mobile Web forms

Purchase Order Approval is one of the most common day-to-day workflows. Central Wyoming College saw significant value in streamlining their PO process which involves calculations, lookups and dynamic routing fixing a particularly error-prone procedure as a result.

Join us on this joint webinar with CWC's CIO John Wood. You'll see:

  • How CWC automated their PO in less than 10 days of work.
  • Why they chose frevvo and how they're benefiting from it.
  • How you too can easily use frevvo for your PO and other day-to-day workflows.

What's new in frevvo 7

Mobile Web forms

frevvo V7 has been out for a few months. We've improved it in a number of ways that are really important to customers. We're also really excited about some upcoming developments, especially the Rule Builder.

Join our webinar where we'll demonstrate:

  • Business Insights (Reports)
  • File System Connector & Wizard
  • Improved Submissions & Task Search
  • Visual Rule Builder (coming soon)
  • Integrating with

e-Forms/Approval Workflows in your Institution today

Mobile Web forms

Schools & Universities are drowning in paper and administrative costs have increased dramatically. Many institutions are using frevvo today to reduce bureaucracy and paperwork and reinvest the dollars where they count – in instruction and in research.

Join us on this short webinar. We'll show examples of how customers use frevvo today:

  • E-forms & signatures for students (e.g. Address Change)
  • Anytime Anywhere faculty approvals (Internship Applications)
  • Employee Authorization (e.g. Travel Requests)
  • Pre-fill information (SQL)
  • PDF generation (e.g. Government W-4)

Rich, dynamic forms & workflows connected to your SQL database

Mobile Web forms

It’s a very common business need. Enter a client id and you want client details to automatically fill in from the DB. Select an order and you want to view/edit order line item details.

The problem is, it’s not easy to do even for programmers. There are all the details of connecting to the database, managing shared DB connections, error handling, transforming data back and forth between SQL and HTML forms, security/authentication and so on. Not so with frevvo.

Join us on this short webinar where we'll demonstrate:

  • Connecting frevvo forms/workflows to your SQL database
  • Dynamic pick lists that populate from SQL
  • Master-detail forms that pull detail information from SQL
  • Creating and updating records in SQL from a form/workflow

frevvo + Google Apps: dynamic forms, SSO & approval workflows

Mobile Web forms

Does your organization use Google Apps? You can combine frevvo + Google Apps to solve real business problems, improve productivity and efficiency and allow employees to focus on customers, students and patients instead of being bogged down in paperwork.

Join us on this short (45m) webinar where you'll see how you can

  • Sign in to frevvo using your Google Apps credentials
  • Create dynamic forms that work with Google sheets
  • Automate day-to-day approvals
  • Save documents to Google Drive

Automate routine approvals for employee efficiency

Mobile Web forms

Scarcity of talent is now the #1 challenge most organizations face. It's even more important to focus your employees on doing the things that matter.

Using Cloud + Mobile to automate your everyday approvals such as employee on-boarding and purchase requisitions is one of the easiest ways to promote employee efficiency.

Join us on this short webinar where you'll see how employees can sign & approve electronically in any language from anywhere and on any device using frevvo. We'll demonstrate how you can start with a pre-built frevvo template, quickly customize it to fit your needs and deploy it in frevvo's Cloud.

Join this webinar to see how you can start implementing game-changers today.