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Business Process Automation

Process automation software digitizes the complex sets of activities that employees perform on a daily basis to run your organization. It streamlines your operations, reduces emails and spreadsheets and eliminates manual work.

New, visual tools simplify business process automation

Business automation can seem like a daunting proposition. The reality is that internal processes from purchase orders to sales processes are complex with exceptions, business rules, deadlines and conditional routing. Digitizing these processes feels like a large, complicated & expensive I.T. project.

That's where frevvo's revolutionary process automation solution helps. Our visual tools are so easy to use that anyone who knows how to use a spreadsheet can design forms and workflows, setup business logic and deploy an automated solution in days.

100% Visual Workflow Automation

Automate Your Process in 3 Easy Steps

A complete guide to process automation

What is business process automation?

Every organization runs on its own set of processes from HR processes like new employee onboarding to finance processes like purchase order approval. These processes boil down to delivering information from Point A to Point B with all the required approvals, reviews, checks and signatures.

In today's digital economy, where customers interact with you globally, 24x7 and online, manual processes are simply too slow and inefficient. Process automation helps you take these everyday operational activities online. It's like a GPS system that electronically routes work within your organization. Automated processes ensure that business requirements cannot be bypassed and information flows through the organization in a timely manner.

Do we need process automation?

Is this common in your organization? When employees wants to perform a routine activity, they search for a paper form or for an Excel spreadsheet on the network drive. They complete lengthy forms that sometimes have duplicate information, then print or email them to a manager for signature. They may have to fill in part numbers or employee details that are already available in databases or other systems. If the manager is away, they wait for approval. Sometimes, the instructions are confusing and users send it to the wrong person. Routine processes like approving a PO can take weeks to perform.

If you see any of these signs, you need to get started with process automation today. Anything else and you risk being Uber'ized or AirBnB'd as nimbler, digital competitors catch up and overtake you.

How will we benefit?

  • Astounding ROI: Automating just one reasonably common process like purchase order or travel authorization can save you over 50% of your costs and return net positive ROI in just 2 months.
  • Enable mobility: 75% of US workers rely on mobile. Modern, visual tools for process automation simply work on mobile devices without the need to build expensive specialized apps.
  • Exceptional customer support: Customers interact with you online at any time. If you can only react during business hours, they'll be frustrated and move on to the competition.
  • Increased efficiency: Digital is simply much cheaper. As mentioned above, you could reap 50% or greater cost reductions in your operations. Can you seriously afford to ignore that?
  • Business agility: Automation frees up employees time to focus on the important stuff. They have more freedom to take advantage of new opportunities and quickly respond to customer needs.

What are examples of processes we can automate?

Look at what employees are doing everyday. You'll probably find many activities that are reasonably frequent, repetitive and involve multiple people. These workflows are ripe for automation. Common examples include:

How do we get started?

Process automation is essential but not easy. From long forms to mobile support to conditional routing to integration to document generation, everyday processes can be quite complex. Your I.T. department is probably overloaded and skilled programmers are very expensive and hard to find.

Visual platforms enable citizen developers

Fortunately, there is a way out. A modern, low-code process automation platform like frevvo can be used by non-programmers (so-called citizen developers) allowing you to quickly get started with digitizing these everyday processes. frevvo provides all these benefits without writing a single line of code:

Whatever you do, don't wait.

We strongly recommend you get started today by investing in a visual, low-code platform. You can evaluate ours for free for 30-days. Simply click on the Try frevvo free button in the toolbar at the top to sign up for a free trial. We offer both Cloud and On-Premise versions for flexible deployment.

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