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Visually monitor, analyze and optimize your workflows.

Flexible Reports

Monitor/Analyze in flexible ways

Which workflows are active now?
Who are they waiting for?
How much time is being spent in each state?
What"s the average time in each state?
Which regions are submissions coming from?

Easy, great-looking user experience

Usability and aesthetics are two sides of the same coin.

Pie charts, bar charts, gauges, tables, stacked charts etc.
Works automatically on mobile and looks natural.
Use in Spaces, Share, or Embed just like forms.
Mobile Web forms
Flexible Reports

Easy Drag & Drop Design

Create your own dashboards just like you create forms.
Position, size & style widgets just like controls.
Show/hide or dynamically update them.
Use charts in regular forms/workflows.
Internationalize, share, embed, use in spaces.

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