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100% visual workflow automation

Workflow automation is the foundation of digital transformation. Think about it: If your everyday operations rely on paper or email, how can you hope to survive in the digital age, let alone compete?

But, automating these everyday processes isn’t always easy. They often have lengthy forms with lookups and calculations and complex routing. E-signatures are a must to avoid printing, signing and scanning and 24x7 access from anywhere is a given.

Slick user interfaces, business system integration, attachments, document generation, it’s a lot to handle and that’s if you can find the necessary programming talent. What if your existing people could do it all using simple visual tools? Sounds great, right?

With frevvo’s platform it’s easy and, in this video, we'll show you how.

In this video, we covered the following:

  • Drag-and-drop Form Design: See how to simply drag & drop fields from a palette and arrange them as desired. You can easily change labels, adjust widths etc. all in one place. It’s easy to design practically any form including things like collapsible sections, tables, side-by-side layouts, and electronic signatures. Everything’s drag-and-drop, point-and-click and no programming experience is necessary so anyone can do it.
  • Dynamic behavior: See how easy it is to initialize form fields, perform calculations, show/hide sections etc. using frevvo's Visual Rule Builder.
  • Workflow Routing: Using a purchase order example, learn how to route the form to the appropriate approvers including conditional routing depending on form data.
  • Mobile Forms and E-signatures: See how to use the form on any mobile device, and sign using your finger on the touchscreen without the need to print, sign and scan for approvals.

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