Automated Employee Onboarding Software That Works the Way You Do

Reduce paper and drive engagement with a new employee onboarding system that’s super-easy to use and customized to the way your business works.

Create a personalized employee onboarding solution

The more quickly new hires can get ramped up, the happier everyone is. That means streamlining necessary paperwork and other formalities.

Use our simple new-hire onboarding software to create a beautiful, efficient, and personalized experience for their first day. With online forms and processes, digital signatures, and self-service mobile access, new employees can start contributing on day one.

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Let us show you how frevvo's automated employee onboarding software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today
Graphical, drag & drop form builder

Make a positive first impression

New hires are first exposed to your organizational culture during onboarding. A tailor-made onboarding experience motivates them from the start to be a positive influence on the business.

Inspire new employees with an attractive, digital system that quickly walks them through the necessary first day formalities.

With frevvo’s drag-and-drop onboarding process management software, it's easy to create a fun, engaging user experience. No JavaScript, HTML, or any code required. Anyone can do it.

Digital signatures on all devices

Enjoy paperless, self-service new hire onboarding

Completely eliminate paper with our 100% digital HR onboarding software for new hires.

Let your new hires view their onboarding packet, complete and sign the necessary forms, and accomplish important tasks even before their start dates.

Graphical, drag & drop form builder

Improve your productivity and peace of mind

There's not much more frustrating than chasing down missing or incomplete paperwork.

frevvo includes powerful, real-time validation that eliminates errors and omissions. Built-in tracking features including notifications, escalations, and reminders ensure that everyone knows the current status.

The system also maintains an audit trail so it's easy to ensure compliance.

Drag-and-drop PDF generation

Automatically generate PDFs for effortless compliance

New hires come with regulatory requirements, which means Federal and State forms like I-9, W-4, and more.

frevvo's automated new hire management system automatically generates these forms for you. Employee name, social security number, and even digital signatures are auto-populated in the generated PDF.

Responsive, mobile forms

Speed up onboarding on mobile

With frevvo, mobile is built-in. Your customized employee onboarding process will work automatically on all devices. It’ll look beautiful, provide a fantastic user experience, and impress new hires even before they start.

Powerful integrations & APIs for easy connectivity

Reduce data entry through flexible integrations

Digitally connect your new hire onboarding process to HRIS and other systems like payroll using our simple, point-and-click wizards.

Accelerate the process, save valuable time, and improve accuracy by automatically transferring employee data from online forms to business systems.

Learn more about frevvo's integrations & APIs.

Automate any HR processes

New employee onboarding is just one process in the human resources department.

Using frevvo's pre-built templates and easy, drag-and-drop customization, you can automate any HR process including applicant tracking, performance management, payroll enrollment, and more.

Vacation Request Form Leave
Performance Review Process Performance
Travel Mileage Reimbursement Travel
Timesheet Management form Timesheet
Job/Employment Application form Employment
Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Reliable HR automation software

We know that talent is crucial for business success. frevvo's process management software includes everything you need to improve efficiency in human resources:

  • Security: HR processes deal with particularly sensitive data. We'll automatically encrypt it and make sure it's always protected. With Active Directory, SAML, and other integrations, we'll ensure that only properly authenticated and authorized users have access to your processes.
  • Accessibility: Make sure no employee is left behind and meet regulatory requirements with our built-in ADA and WCAG compliance.
  • Localization: Today, organizations routinely work with employees spread out across the globe. Delight them on their first day with an onboarding experience in their preferred language.
  • Flexibility: Choose cloud-based or on-premise HR software depending on your business requirements. Both offer the same dependable performance and extensive feature set.

Let us show you how frevvo's easy, visual forms management and workflow automation software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today.

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