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Generate Federal W-4 & I-9 and HR Review

This onboarding workflow collects employee information, personal allowances, employment eligibility and an online signature before generating Federal W-4 and I-9 documents.

The documents contain data from the form including the employee's signature. The employee fills in data and signs once and the information is mapped to multiple PDF documents reducing data entry.

The new employee can review the generated PDF documents online and confirm that they are accurate before sending them off to the HR department for review.

After everyone has approved, the workflow emails a PDF of the documents to the employee.

Generate Federal & State W-4

This onboarding process collects information necessary for generating the Federal W-4 and either the NY or CA state W-4 documents depending on the state the employee lives in. Only the relevant form (NY or CA) is displayed and only the relevant W-4 is generated.

Form fields including a signature collected online are mapped to the W-4s. The same fields can be mapped to multiple PDFs thereby removing the need to re-enter data and sign multiple times.

The new hire is given the chance to review the generated W-4s online and to confirm that there are no errors before the documents are submitted.

Finally, an email is sent to the employee with the relevant documents.

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