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Compare the experience of completing HR forms in Word or Excel vs. a mobile-friendly, online, customizable form.

With online forms, you can digitize almost every HR process – new employee onboarding, managing vacation requests, and more. Easily automate approval workflows and routing.

New Employee Onboarding
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New Employee Onboarding: Generate W-4 & I-9

This onboarding workflow collects employee information, personal allowances, employment eligibility and an online signature before generating Federal W-4 and I-9 documents. The documents contain data from the form including the employee's signature. The employee fills in data and signs once and the information is mapped to multiple PDF documents reducing data entry. The new employee can review the generated PDF documents online and confirm that they are accurate before sending them off to the HR department for review. After everyone has approved, the workflow emails a PDF of the documents to the employee.
Compare it with using PDF or paper forms. New employees fill in basic information like their name and social security number multiple times and sign many forms. HR wastes time checking and correcting errors. The automated process is far more efficient and lets HR focus on talent rather than paperwork.

Multi-language Emergency Contact form

Organizations such as a large school district often have constituents whose native language is not English. If forms are available in multiple languages, they're easier for parents to fill out and you're more likely to end up with accurate emergency contact information. PDF generation in multiple languages ensures that staff can also choose any language.
Vacation Request Form integrated with Google Sheets
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Time Off Request Integrated with Google Sheets

This vacation request form template connects to a Google Sheet. For demo purposes, it initializes a pick list with a list of valid users from the sheet. When you pick a user, it pulls the number of available annual, floating and sick days and dynamically sets up the relevant pick lists so the user cannot take more days of any given type then are available. The requesting employee signs the form electronically. The pick lists are enabled and disabled dynamically and the signature date is also auto-filled.
In contrast, the Word document provides none of this behavior. It cannot autofill user information, integrate with business data to pull available days or dynamically set up pick lists. To sign the form, it must be printed. It's far more error-prone, and inefficient.
New Employee Onboarding With State W-4s
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New Employee Onboarding Conditionally Generates State W-4s

This onboarding process collects information necessary for generating the Federal W-4 and either the NY or CA state W-4 documents depending on the state the employee lives in. Only the relevant form (NY or CA) is displayed and only the relevant W-4 is generated. Form fields including a signature collected online are mapped to the W-4s. The same fields can be mapped to multiple PDFs thereby removing the need to re-enter data and sign multiple times. The new hire is given the chance to review the generated W-4s online and to confirm that there are no errors before the documents are submitted. Finally, an email is sent to the employee with the relevant documents.
Paper or PDF forms are incredibly inefficient and error-prone since the employee manually determines which forms to fill in and HR manually checks them.

Conditional Time Off Request Approval Process

This is another very typical vacation request process. The online form pre-fills information, validates automatically, has dynamic behavior and is signed digitally. The system automatically routes it to the correct manager but, this time, if the number of vacation days is more than 5, it is routed to a VP for additional approval. All this happens automatically without the employee needing to manually email, track or chase down signatures. Once completed, the relevant documents are e-mailed to the requesting employee.
Compare with the Excel version. The employee or manager must remember that a longer vacation requires additional approval and must manually e-mail it to the VP. Then, they have to chase down the VP to ensure that it gets signed on time, track it, file it away etc. It's unnecessary busy work.
Multi-Page Emergency Contact Flow
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Multi-page Emergency Contact Forms

This example takes the previous form and breaks it up into multiple pages so that it's easier to complete. It walks parents/guardians step by step through multiple screens collecting needed emergency contact information along the way. As before, repeating sections and digital signatures keep the form short and eliminate any need to print. When completed, a copy of the PDFs is sent by email.
Dynamic Absence Records integrated with Google Sheets
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Dynamic Absence Records with Google Sheets

This form is an administrative form that employees use to record absences during any given month. They fill it out once a month. The form demonstrates integration with Google Sheets by dynamically retrieving choices for a pick list and to fill out some fields. It also shows how frevvo forms allow you to show/hide sections, perform calculations and other dynamic behavior. As a result, the form is easier and faster to complete without mistakes.
In contrast, this form of integration is simply not possible with Excel or Word documents and certainly not with paper. Those formats cannot dynamically integrate with business systems to retrieve data, auto-fill fields or set up pick lists.

Basic Travel Request Process

This travel request form allows an employee to enter estimated expenses and business justification prior to travel and get it signed and approved by a manager / department head. The form also pulls employee information from a backend system, performs calculations automatically, validates dates and other fields, allows attachments and electronic signatures. At the end, it will email you a PDF of the completed process.
Compare it to using Excel. The spreadsheet can also perform calculations automatically. However, it can't pull logged-in employee information, needs to be printed so that it can be signed and must be sent around by email for approval. Electronic processes have huge advantages.

Let HR focus on talent not paperwork

HR Departments are responsible for a wide variety of forms & processes for core functions like recruitment, on-boarding, training, employee termination, PTO handling etc. This paperwork is often responsible for as much as 40% of a typical HR employee's time. Digitizing these forms and automating the associated processes saves tons of time and lets HR people focus on managing talent instead of paperwork.

New Employee On-Boarding

On-boarding new hires is one of the most common H.R. functions performed at every organization. It's not uncommon for new hire forms to grow to 30-40 pieces of paperwork that must be filled out manually. It gets to be a tedious, error-prone and time consuming process. Electronic forms that can be filled in from home before coming onsite on any device speed up the process, eliminate errors and let H.R. employees focus on talent rather than paperwork.

Vacation/PTO forms

Everyone needs a break. Vacation request forms ensure that the company's policies and procedures are not bypassed, the necessary approvals are secured and managers and coworkers are aware of the scheduled PTO. Streamline the approval process using electronic forms that integrate with HR systems and databases, automatically fill in employee information, pull available PTO or sick days from the system and route electronically to the proper manager or department head as desired.

Emergency Contact forms

Emergencies are a fact of life and outside your control. What you can control is how prepared you are to respond to them. A basic requirement is to have contact information on file for every staff member, student and employee on site. Electronic emergency contact forms can be filled in any language, they're easy to update, collect needed information accurately and ensure that contact information is easily accessible when it's needed most – in an emergency.

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