Simple Vacation Request Software

Quickly and easily approve and manage employee leave requests.

When an employee requests PTO, frevvo notifies their manager instantly. Approving or rejecting the request takes seconds. The system notifies the employee and updates HR records automatically.

Set up is painless – no programming required.

Time off request software tailored to your business

A state-of-the-art, electronic employee leave management system reduces manual tasks, minimizes interruptions, and improves productivity.

Start with one of our pre-built time off request templates.You can customize it using drag-and-drop designers and visual business rules to easily automate this everyday business process.

100% Visual Workflow Automation

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Let us show you how frevvo's PTO request management software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today
Vacation request workflow with signatures and analysis

Manage vacation requests with minimal disruption

Time off is important. Getting it approved doesn't have to be stressful.

With an automated process, employees can track their approval in real-time and rely on the system to notify and remind managers.

With built-in analytics reports, you can evaluate the performance of your electronic processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Zero code business process management software

Customize a request and approval process to fit your exact needs

Every organization handles time off management differently. An automated process should handle these custom requirements without needing expensive programmers.

With frevvo, it's easy. There's nothing to code. Anyone can design vacation request forms and workflows – including custom business rules – using drag-and-drop designers and point-and-click wizards.

frevvo handles even the most complex business requirements. And you'll have systematic documentation via our built-in audit trail, ensuring a process that treats all employees equally and fairly, in keeping with your company policies.

Responsive, mobile forms

Give your employees a mobile-friendly process

Time off is important to employees. Waiting too long for approval creates unnecessary anxiety and wasted time. Conversely, speedy approval dramatically improves employee satisfaction.

With frevvo's mobile-friendly automation, your forms and workflows automatically work and look great on all mobile devices. Managers are notified of requests instantly and can provide approvals from anywhere at any time.

Powerful integrations & APIs for easy connectivity

Eliminate manual data entry with integrations

Your HR team is busy. They don't have time to sift through Excel spreadsheets and manually reconcile data with internal systems.

Connect your time off request process with HR systems using our connectors and APIs. Both employees and HR will enjoy having less data to enter. Avoid mistakes and accelerate the process for everyone.

Learn more about frevvo's integrations & APIs.

Automate any HR processes

Management of vacation requests is just one process in the human resources department.

Easily automate any HR process including new hire onboarding, performance management, timesheet tracking, and others with easy, 100% visual software.

New Employee Onboarding Process New Hire
Performance Review Process Performance
Travel Mileage Reimbursement Travel
Timesheet Management form Timesheet
Job/Employment Application form Employment
Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Vacation request software ready for your enterprise

frevvo includes everything to meet the most exacting enterprise needs:

  • Security: Employee data is sensitive. We'll encrypt it to make sure it's safe. Since integration with SAML, Active Directory, etc. is built-in, we'll protect your workflows from unauthorized access.
  • Localization: frevvo supports all languages worldwide. Delight your employees by offering solutions in their own language.
  • Accessibility: With our ADA and WCAG compliant forms and workflows, you won't exclude anyone.
  • Flexibility: Optional cloud or on-premise deployment lets you choose the option that best suits your needs. Both versions have the same powerful capabilities.
  • Performance: Our systems automatically monitor usage and scale to optimize responsiveness for all users.

Let us show you how frevvo's easy, visual forms management and workflow automation software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today.

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