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Free Time Off Request Form Templates

Try these vacation request forms & workflows.

See how automation makes the process more efficient.

Simple Time Off Request Form

This time off request template collects employee information, time off request dates, optional comments and an online signature. If desired, additional documents can be attached e.g. a jury duty confirmation letter.

After you submit the form, it will generate a PDF of the vacation request and send to your email address.

Google Sheets Time Off Request Form

This leave request template connects to a Google Sheet. For demo purposes, it initializes a pick list with a list of valid users from the sheet. When you pick a user, it pulls the number of available annual, floating and sick days and dynamically sets up the relevant pick lists so the user cannot take more days of any given type then are available. The requesting employee signs the form electronically. The pick lists are enabled and disabled dynamically and the signature date is also auto-filled.

Basic Time Off Request Approval Process

This is a very common time off request process. The requesting employee fills out a form online. The e-form is dynamic, pre-populates fields, validates information and is signed electronically.

Once the form is submitted, the system automatically routes it to the correct manager for approval. There's no need for the employee to email it manually thus avoiding errors like emailing to the wrong person. The manager is notified and reminders can also be setup if necessary.

The manager can reject the request back to the employee for corrections, deny the vacation or approve it and forward to HR for processing and finalization.

Finally, an email is sent to the employee with the relevant documents.

Conditional Time Off Request Approval Process

This is another very typical vacation request process. The online form pre-fills information, validates automatically, has dynamic behavior and is signed digitally.

The system automatically routes it to the correct manager but, this time, if the number of vacation days is more than 5, it is routed to a VP for additional approval. All this happens automatically without the employee needing to manually email, track or chase down signatures.

Once completed, the relevant documents are e-mailed to the requesting employee.

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