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The 6 Step Guide to Performing Business Process Analysis

Organizations of all sizes depend on processes to get work done. These can be as simple as following up with a lead or as complex as sending a purchase order.

Your organization likely already has processes in place for individual activities. But when was the last time you reviewed them? How often do you evaluate whether they’re allowing your employees to focus on important tasks or bogging them down with delays?

Inefficient business processes can lead to financial loss and missed deadlines. But identifying bottlenecks in a process and where it can be improved isn’t always easy.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Improving Business Processes

Business processes play a vital role in any organization. Effective processes streamline individual activities and improve overall efficiency.

To become and remain successful, there needs to be a continuous focus on improving business processes to increase productivity and maintain a high standard of quality.

Making a process more efficient ultimately reduces your workload and streamlines the delivery of a product or service. But how exactly do you improve a business process and what are the steps involved?

In this article, we’ll cover the exact steps for improving business processes. We’ll also show you how to create automated workflows with frevvo’s business process automation software.

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How to Identify Bottlenecks in a Process

Picture a bottle and think about how it gets narrower at the neck to restrict the flow coming out.

A process bottleneck is no different. It restricts the flow of that process.

The trick to streamlining processes to boost productivity is to identify bottlenecks as soon as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always as easy as it seems.

The problem is that bottlenecks aren’t always obvious — especially if they’ve been around for a long time. 

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Business Process Automation: Your Complete Guide

business process automation explained

The business process automation (BPA) market is ballooning at a rate of 10% year-on-year. And frankly, it’s no surprise.

The huge costs of manual processing delays, human error, and inefficient business systems can no longer be ignored — it’s costing businesses thousands each year.

But how exactly does a business process automation solution address these issues?

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6 Ingenious Business Process Automation Examples

Manual business processes are slowing down your team and costing you money.

Not only are your staff buried in heaps of paperwork, they’re constantly backtracking to fix mistakes and chasing missing signatures, documents, and forms.

But what’s the solution? The answer to lengthy manual processing and endless errors lies in dynamic business process automation.

By digitizing and automating your business processes, you’ll find that you can improve every aspect of your business — from onboarding to financial processing.

Check out these six business process automation examples to see exactly how real businesses are streamlining internal operations with frevvo’s business process automation software.

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7 Workflow Optimization Tactics to Supercharge Your Whole Business

It’s 2020. We should be done with the days of paper trails, overflowing filing cabinets, and endless forms. But many organizations are still manually processing employee data, purchase orders, and other routine paperwork.

By recognizing and eliminating manual processes and bottlenecks in your business’ workflows, you can start focusing on the things that matter.

Want to kick your workflows into overdrive and slash the inefficiencies from your system? This article will walk you through seven workflow optimization tactics for streamlining your business processes.

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Top 10 Office Automation Projects to Tackle This Week

In every office, regardless of industry, there are plenty of processes that can be streamlined or automated entirely to reduce the administrative burden on employees and make their jobs easier. 

For most employees, it’s difficult to remember exactly which steps and rules to follow for each of these processes, especially if they don’t form part of their day-to-day role. 

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How to Calculate the ROI of Workflow Automation

Like most big business decisions, implementing business process automation (BPA) involves taking a lot of moving parts into consideration. 

In addition to the capital investment required, integrating BPA means changing the way your organization operates, learning how to use new software, and training staff to follow new procedures. 

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8 Workflow Examples to Get You Started Today

Companies everywhere are embracing automation technology and transforming their tedious, time-consuming, manual processes into streamlined, easy-to-use, automated workflows

They’re doing this to reap the many benefits of automation technology. These benefits include reduced operational costs and increased productivity, as well as increased availability, reliability, and performance. In turn, this results in more satisfied customers.

Failing to automate your workflows comes at a cost. The average employee spends 20-40% of their time searching for documents and loses around 40% of their productivity to task switching. Meanwhile, CEOs reportedly spend some 25% of their time on tasks that can be easily automated. 

Every company has different goals and therefore different automation needs and priorities. For instance, a manufacturing company that frequently purchases raw materials might benefit from automating purchase order and invoice approval workflows. A temp agency that constantly recruits and onboards new employees may wish to invest in HR workflow automation to make the hiring and onboarding processes more seamless. 

In this post, we’ll dive into eight powerful examples of workflows at the workplace and discuss how to make the most of each workflow for optimal performance and efficiency. With the right business workflow automation software, you can automate these processes – and much, much more. 

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What Is Workflow Software? Everything You Need to Know

Are you or your organization losing valuable productivity to repetitive, error-ridden, manual processes? 

Perhaps you often find yourself… 

  • filling out the same information over and over again across multiple documents;
  • emailing back and forth to correct errors, capture missing information, or speed up approval processes; or
  • printing, scanning, and emailing documents just to capture a signature.

If you’re in this boat, you–along with many other organizations interested in improving efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction–might be considering workflow software.

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