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The Best Kissflow Alternative

On the surface Kissflow Process seems similar to frevvo’s low-code workflow automation software. They’re both designed to automate everyday, repetitive tasks and include forms, routing, access control, and dynamic behavior.

Need a simple vacation request workflow, for example? Both frevvo and Kissflow can handle that.

But as soon as things get even slightly more complicated, Kissflow struggles to deliver.

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The Best Nintex Alternative: Nintex vs frevvo

Business process automation has the potential to change the way we work forever by taking care of the countless repetitive manual tasks we perform every day, allowing us to focus on more important and interesting activities. Imagine never having to print and scan and email a contract, rifle through your papers trying to locate that missing document, or phone a colleague or vendor to follow up on the status of a purchase order again! 

With workflow automation software, it’s possible to digitize and automate just about all of your processes, so that documents are automatically routed to the next stakeholder in the process. With electronic signatures and mobile-responsive design, you need never print-sign-scan-email a document again, and with automated notifications and reminders, you can rest assured that the work will get done and reach the right people at the right time. 

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No-Cost Emergency Workflow Help in Response to COVID-19

In light of COVID-19, frevvo has decided to provide free extended access to our simple workflow management software to help organizations manage any coronavirus-related emergency content.

We’ve heard from a number of public and non-profit organizations that there is a need for solutions like our digital forms and automated workflow software, so we’re making it available to anyone who needs it in this trying time. 

To help organizations suddenly dealing with the challenges of going remote:

  1. We will provide extended free access without restrictions. You’ll be under no obligation to continue using the software after the emergency has passed. Think of it as an extended trial – absolutely free of cost, with no limit on the number of users or forms.
  2. We’ve also created numerous templates for emergency forms and workflows that are available free of charge.
  3. Finally, we will provide completely free assistance to help you create and deploy them rapidly. 

If your organization can benefit from frevvo’s offering, please get in touch to set up free access. We’re also happy to help you set up and configure forms so you can hit the ground running. 

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[Infographic] frevvo + Confluence

Atlassian’s Confluence is a wiki used by 1000s of companies to connect people with the content and co-workers they need to get their jobs done, faster. Customers use Confluence to increase collaboration, reduce time spent in meetings and email.

But, a big part of people’s day-to-day work is things like completing routine time sheets, job applications, expense reports, vacation requests, purchase requisitions, sales orders, employee on-boarding, patient referrals and the like. These are just forms (often paper or PDF or Excel) that are filled out every day and routed around to others for signatures, comments and approvals (email or hand-delivery).

These routine tasks end up wasting a lot of time. From chasing down colleagues and bosses for signatures to misunderstood and poorly defined processes to lack of 24×7 access on all devices, these tasks can be an expensive proposition.

That’s where frevvo comes in. Check out this new infographic on how combining frevvo & Confluence can help solve real business problems quickly and effectively.

We provide an Add-On for Confluence that lets you add forms, workflows and the associated task lists to Confluence. Users then simply logon to Confluence, go to the appropriate Confluence page, fill out the form that’s embedded on that page and Submit. frevvo will route as required, send notifications to the appropriate people and remind them if necessary. When the next person in the workflow needs to act on the request, he/she can approve/comment/reject directly in Confluence.

Creating approval workflows in Confluence is as easy as that. It’s 2016! There’s simply no excuse for outdated, manual systems that cause delays, result in unhappy employees and wasted time and money.

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[Infographic] frevvo + Google Apps

Organizations use frevvo to digitize day-to-day approval workflows in the Cloud such as expense reports, purchase requisitions and employee on-boarding. These workflows generate documents that must be securely stored and managed somewhere – typically some sort of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system.
Organizations (including frevvo Inc.) use Google Drive as a Cloud-based system to store and manage enterprise content and to collaborate on that content including both unstructured content such as videos, images, spreadsheets, & presentations and structured content such as invoices, sales orders, & expense reports.

The fit is obvious and natural. If your organization uses Google Apps, frevvo is the perfect Google Apps workflow automation tool to solve real business problems, improve productivity, and efficiency and allow employees to focus on customers, students and patients instead of being bogged down in paperwork.

From electronic signatures to dynamic pick lists to using Google Drive as a content repository to approval workflows, the combination just makes completing routine, day-to-day business tasks easier.

There’s simply no excuse for outdated, manual systems that cause delays, result in unhappy employees and wasted time and money.

frevvo already has pre-built forms and workflows that can be customized in next to no time and deployed online. They can all be signed online, routed to the proper person electronically, used on mobile devices, delivered in multiple languages, generate PDFs, work with Google Apps and a whole host of advanced capabilities. There’s no need to deal with printing PDFs for signatures, correcting Excel-based time sheets, or tracking down approvals in email.

Learn more by visiting our website. Explore some of the examples, read customer success stories and contact us for more details.