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Free Form/Workflow Templates for Education

Try these templates for new hire forms, mileage reimbursement, absence records and other common K-12 and Higher Ed forms & workflows.

Employee on-boarding workflow generates Government PDFs.


New Employee Onboarding generates PDFs (W-4)

Customers use a new hire onboarding process to digitally collect information such as name, address, social security number, Federal and State tax withholding information, employment eligibility etc. With electronic forms, new hires need to enter each unique piece of data once, they sign electronically without printing. New hires can also fill out most of the paperwork before they come into the office on their first day.
The electronic process automatically generates required documents such as a Federal W-4 and I-9 as well as state-specific documents depending on location. After the new hire reviews the generated PDFs, the process automatically routes to the HR department for review. Upon completion, it emails copies to the new hire for their records.
Compare it to using paper or Word/Excel. New hires have to enter the same data and sign multiple times. The documents are routed manually for review and approval, mistakes have to be corrected inevitably causing delays.
With an electronic process, a set of new hire onboarding forms that would take hours can now be completed in minutes without errors. It's also environmentally friendly since there's no need to print the forms for signatures or record keeping.

Dynamic absence record flow integrates with Google spreadsheets.


Dynamic Absence Records with Google Sheets

This is a monthly record of time off that all staff must submit to the administrative office. It fills in employee information automatically using the currently logged-in user's credentials. It also integrates with a Google Sheet, dynamically populates a pick list and auto-fills approver information based on location.
The form also demonstrates dynamic behavior with frevvo. It has conditionally visible sections and performs calculations automatically. As a result, it's easier to fill in, employees have to enter less data by hand and they spend less time correcting errors.
Based on location, the process automatically selects the list of required approvals using the Google Sheets integration. It routes the absence record electronically, sends notifications and reminders so employees don't have to worry about chasing down paperwork.
If you're using Word, Excel or paper for this process, your employees are wasting time. They have to enter more data, fix more mistakes, and spend more of their time emailing supervisors for signatures.

Mileage reimbursement distances calculated using Google Maps.


Automatic Calculations for Mileage Reimbursement

Employees often drive between locations to perform their daily jobs. Finance departments handle mileage reimbursement claims on a daily basis. This dynamic mileage request form and process template is used to reimburse employees for actual miles driven. Instead of entering miles between locations manually, it uses Google Maps and its Distance API to automatically calculate mileage between city pairs. It then automatically calculates the actual reimbursement amounts and totals using a visual business rule and the current rate. It's easier for employees to complete, faster, and it eliminates errors.
It employs digital signatures which verify the user's identity and guarantee that the signed data cannot be tampered with. Digital signatures are also environmentally friendly since they reduce printing and paper usage.
Using Excel is unnecessarily cumbersome and time consuming since everything is entered manually. This powerful, dynamic functionality is simply not possible. An online mileage reimbursement form and process is vastly more efficient.
Purchase Order Process integrated with SQL
† We need to ensure SQL database security.

PO Process integrated with SQL routes dynamically

This Purchase Order process performs SQL integration as well as conditional routing. The PO form dynamically populates product pick lists from SQL and also automatically gets the MSRP for a product from the database. It also calculates subtotals and totals, pre-populates first and last names and supports signatures and attachments. As before, the form is routed from the employee to the manager. If the amount is greater than $10,000, it will route to the VP otherwise VP approval will be skipped. After everyone has approved, the workflow emails a PDF of the purchase order to the employee.
The automated process is easy to use and saves employees time compared to Excel or PDF. Consider dynamic routing. With Excel, the manager must manually follow instructions and email the document to the VP if the amount is high otherwise skip VP approval. It's guaranteed to be error prone and costly.

Electronic signatures eliminate printing, scanning and signing.


Permission form to use Google Apps

Technology use in U.S. school districts is governed by several Federal laws such as COPPA, FERPA etc. As a result, schools must obtain parental consent before assigning a child a Google Apps for Education account. Using this consent form, a parent/guardian can fill in and sign electronically on any device to give permission.

Worldwide languages so you can support ALL your customers.


Multi-language General Consent form

This is a general consent form for a K-12 school district in multiple languages. A parent or guardian can provide consent for media, directory listing, and health screenings by signing the form electronically. Parents can choose either English or Spanish to provide information. frevvo supports all languages worldwide.

Permission form for students to participate in athletics.


Consent Form for participation in sports activities

This is a risk acknowledgement and consent form that parents can electronically sign to allow their children to participate in sports activities. Parents and athletes must acknowledge that they have read athletic rules, understand the associated risks and give consent for emergency medical treatment.

Emergency Contact Information Forms

In an emergency situation, it's absolutely crucial for administrators and emergency workers to have the information they need to take appropriate action and to contact parents or guardians. Institutions collect this information using a variety of emergency contact forms. Electronic forms in multiple languages are easy to use and ensure accuracy of the collected information.

Parent contact, release authorization and medical.


School Emergency Contact and Release Form

This is an emergency contact form for a school. It can be used to collect parent/guardian contact information, release authorization to specific individuals, as well as doctor and medical information. Repeating elements keep the form short and users can dynamically add more contacts as required. E-signatures eliminate paper and the form is emailed to the school with a copy to parents.

Multi-page contact, release and medical info.


Multi-page Emergency Contact Forms

This example takes the previous form and breaks it up into multiple pages so that it's easier to complete. It walks parents/guardians step by step through multiple screens collecting needed emergency contact information along the way. As before, repeating sections and digital signatures keep the form short and eliminate any need to print. When completed, a copy of the PDFs is sent by email.

Multiple languages ensure critical information is accurate.


Multi-language Emergency Contact form

Organizations such as a large school district often have constituents whose native language is not English. If forms are available in multiple languages, they're easier for parents to fill out and you're more likely to end up with accurate emergency contact information. PDF generation in multiple languages ensures that staff can also choose any language.

Other K-12 / Higher Ed Forms & Processes

These are other examples of forms or workflows commonly used in schools and Universities for routine things like requesting use of facilities.

Simple request form for use of school facilities.


Request Form for use of School Facilities

This is a simple form that's very common in most K-12 school districts. It allows community members to request use of their facilities for events. The form shows dynamic behavior such as fields only being displayed if they are required. In addition, requestors sign the form electronically eliminating the need to print. When the request is submitted, it is sent by email to the Facilities Department for review & approval again eliminating unnecessary paper usage.

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