Emergency Contact Form Templates

Compare the experience of completing an emergency contact form in PDF or Excel vs. a mobile-friendly, online, customizable form.

With an online form, you can digitize the process of collecting and organizing emergency contact information. Submitters can sign forms electronically, automatically save contact info to Google Apps, and send completed forms by email.

School Emergency Contact and Release Form
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School Emergency Contact and Release Form

This is an emergency contact form for a school. It can be used to collect parent/guardian contact information, release authorization to specific individuals, as well as doctor and medical information. Repeating elements keep the form short and users can dynamically add more contacts as required. E-signatures eliminate paper and the form is emailed to the school with a copy to parents.
Multi-Page Emergency Contact Flow
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Multi-page Emergency Contact Forms

This example takes the previous form and breaks it up into multiple pages so that it's easier to complete. It walks parents/guardians step by step through multiple screens collecting needed emergency contact information along the way. As before, repeating sections and digital signatures keep the form short and eliminate any need to print. When completed, a copy of the PDFs is sent by email.

Multi-language Emergency Contact form

Organizations such as a large school district often have constituents whose native language is not English. If forms are available in multiple languages, they're easier for parents to fill out and you're more likely to end up with accurate emergency contact information. PDF generation in multiple languages ensures that staff can also choose any language.
Business Emergency Contact Form
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Business Emergency Contact Information Form

This form is used to provide emergency contact information for your business to local authorities. In case of a business or local emergency, they can take appropriate action. It uses repeating elements and electronic signatures so that it's easy and convenient to complete anytime and on any device. Data validation ensures that this critical information is completed accurately without mistakes.
Emergency Contact and Information Form
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Emergency Contact and Information Form

In the event of an emergency, it's crucial for administrators to be able to call and/or mail parents, guardians or other designated contacts. This form allows students and their parents to provide at least two and up to five emergency contacts. The form contains repeating elements so additional contacts can be added. It also validates data to ensure that all required information has been entered.

What is an emergency contact form used for?

Things go wrong. In an emergency, when help is required it's critical to have an emergency contact form on hand so that administrators have the information they need to take appropriate action and get help as quickly as possible.

What's on an emergency contact form?

Emergency contact forms contain important information including:

  • Student name, grade and other details.
  • Parent/Guardian name and contact information.
  • Release authorization and contact for specific individuals.
  • Doctor contact and other relevant medical information.
  • Parental signature and date.

Why use electronic emergency contact forms?

Online emergency contact forms have many desirable features:

  • They have a lot of information. Online versions automatically validate and ensure that contact data is accurate and reliable.
  • They are mobile friendly and busy parents can fill them out on-the-go on their smartphones if necessary.
  • Since they can be signed electronically, there is no paper involved and no need to print.
  • Parents can be reminded periodically to complete and update the emergency information so that it's kept up-to-date.
  • Email submissions mean there's no need to rely on children submitting paper forms which are likely to get lost.

Why automate emergency contact forms with frevvo?

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