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Free Consent Form Templates

Try these example consent forms and workflows. See how you can digitize common permission forms for field trips, media release, sports participation etc. Sign electronically, save PDFs to Google Apps or send them by email.

Simple Field Trip Permission Slip. Sends PDF by email.

Permission slip for field trips during the current academic year.

This is a simple field trip permission slip form. A parent can pull up this form on their computer or mobile device, quickly provide basic info like name and phone number, and sign electronically without printing anything on paper just to grant permission. The form automatically emails a PDF copy to the parent for their records.

Permission form to use Google Apps

Electronic signatures eliminate printing, scanning and signing.

Technology use in U.S. school districts is governed by several Federal laws such as COPPA, FERPA etc. As a result, schools must obtain parental consent before assigning a child a Google Apps for Education account. Using this consent form, a parent/guardian can fill in and sign electronically on any device to give permission.

Multi-language General Consent form

Worldwide languages so you can support ALL your customers.

This is a general consent form for a K-12 school district in multiple languages. A parent or guardian can provide consent for media, directory listing, and health screenings by signing the form electronically. Parents can choose either English or Spanish to provide information. frevvo supports all languages worldwide.

General Consent form uploaded to Google Drive

Worldwide languages so you can support ALL your customers.

This is a general consent form for a school district available in both English and Spanish The form includes digital signatures so there's no need to print and sign. Consent PDFs are created in both languages so parents can use either one. After submission, the generated PDFs are uploaded to Google Drive and you can view them.

Volunteer Background Check Permission Form emails PDF

Consent form for school volunteer background checks.

In many U.S. states, a background check is required by law before a person can volunteer at a school. This form is used to obtain permission to perform this check. The form validates formats e.g. a Social Security Number, allows the person to attach a photo of an ID and sign electronically. No paper is generated in the process.

Consent Form for participation in sports activities

Permission form for students to participate in athletics.

This is a risk acknowledgement and consent form that parents can electronically sign to allow their children to participate in sports activities. Parents and athletes must acknowledge that they have read athletic rules, understand the associated risks and give consent for emergency medical treatment.

What are consent forms used for?

For students, parents and schools, consent forms are a crucial way to ensure proper dialogue and communication. With clear, comprehensive language on the forms, everyone can understand and acknowledge any risks associated with participating in activities like athletics, trips or even digital media release. Institutions also protect themselves from unnecessary legal costs and exposure through no fault of their own.

What's on a consent form?

Consent forms contain important information including:

  • Parents name and contact information.
  • Student ID, name, grade and other details.
  • A clear description of the consent being sought.
  • A way to acknowledge that the information has been received.
  • Parental signature and date.

Health Consent Form with PDF sent by email

Consent form to administer health services in school.

Schools need to obtain consent from a parent/guardian before they can administer health services such as providing ibuprofen or acetaminophen or to see a doctor. The form validates formats e.g. a phone number, calculates the student's age automatically and allows parents to sign electronically. No paper is involved.

Information Release Form emails PDF

Information release form to withhold directory information.

Under Federal and State law, school districts may share student directory information with authorized entities. Parents of students 17 years or younger and adult students 18 years or older can use this form to request the school principal limit the release of directory information or not release directory information at all.

Boarding School Permission Form emails PDF

Permission form for boarding school students.

This form is used by boarding schools to secure permission for students to perform various activities e.g. ride with faculty members, take public transportation, sign out on weekends, or visit friends & relatives. After the form has been submitted, a PDF is automatically generated and an acknowledgement email is sent.

Why use electronic consent forms?

Online consent forms have significant advantages:

  • They work on mobile devices so busy parents can fill them out anytime and anywhere.
  • With electronic signatures, there's no need to print and paper is completely eliminated.
  • Data is automatically validated. Errors are eliminated reducing unnecessary back and forth and wasted time.
  • Forms are submitted by email so parents and schools don't have to worry about their kids forgetting to hand in a form.
  • Automatic reminders ensure that they are received in a timely manner and teachers don't waste time acquiring consent.

Why automate consent forms with frevvo?

With frevvo, it's easy to create electronic consent forms and workflows using our simple, visual tools. You don't have to know coding or invest in expensive programmers. It's so easy that anyone can do it. Get started today by signing up for a free 30-day trial.

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