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Free Purchase Order Templates

Try these purchase order forms & workflows.

See how you can automate your PO processes.

Basic Purchase Order Form

This is a basic Purchase Order sample form. The form automatically pre-fills the employee's first and last names, calculates a subtotal for each row based on the quantity and unit price, computes a grand total for the PO as a whole. It also allows you to attach files and sign the PO electronically.

After you submit the form, it will generate a PDF of the purchase order and send to your email address.

Database Purchase Order Form

This Purchase Order form connects to a SQL database. It pulls in product names and codes from the database and populates pick lists in a table. When the user picks a product, the form retrieves the MSRP for the selected product and fills it into the correct row.

The PO form also auto-populates fields, performs calculations, and supports attachments and e-signatures.

After the PO is submitted, a PDF of the purchase order is sent to your email address.

Basic Purchase Order Process Template

This is a common basic Purchase Order process. It includes a purchase order form that automatically fills in employee information, calculates subtotals and the grand total, allows users to attach files and sign electronically.

The form is first filled in by an employee, then sent to his/her manager for approval. After the manager approves, it is sent to the finance department for payment.

After the workflow completes, it generates a PDF and emails to the requesting employee.

Conditional Purchase Order Template

This is another frequent Purchase Order process requirement. In this case, the employee fills in the form and his/her manager must first approve. However, once that approval is secured, further approval may be needed from a VP but only under certain conditions (e.g. Amount > $10,000).

This template also includes a dynamic purchase order form. As before, calculations are performed automatically, the form can be electronically signed, employee information is pre-filled where possible etc.

After the workflow completes, it generates a PDF and emails to the requesting employee.

Conditional Purchase Order with Database

This Purchase Order process performs SQL integration as well as conditional routing.

The PO form dynamically populates product pick lists from SQL and also automatically gets the MSRP for a product from the database. It also calculates subtotals and totals, pre-populates first and last names and supports signatures and attachments.

As before, the form is routed from the employee to the manager. If the amount is greater than $10,000, it will route to the VP otherwise VP approval will be skipped.

After everyone has approved, the workflow emails a PDF of the purchase order to the employee.

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