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Your forms and workflows are hosted and backed up on our secure servers. All features are available, there is nothing to install and you will automatically get the latest bug fixes and enhancements. Your forms can easily be added to your web pages and will appear to your users as if they are hosted on your own web site.

Your customer data can be securely stored on frevvo's servers or, if you prefer, it can be transmitted directly to you without being stored on frevvo's servers.



Download and install behind your firewall in your data center. Your forms are hosted on your own servers, and your customer data is never transmitted outside your firewall. All features are available, your forms can easily be added to your web pages and will appear to your users as if they are hosted on your own web site.

Confluence Plugin


Create your forms and workflows and deploy them without ever leaving Confluence. Empower your business users to create and deploy forms and workflows in Confluence without IT help such as:

  • Marketing employees create and deploy their own event registration forms in Confluence and download registration data to Excel.
  • Vacation Request: employees request vacation by filling out a form in Confluence, which is routed to the manager who digitally signs using a mobile device and approves the request.
  • Issue Tracking: employees submit issues (computer not working, A/C broken) and support staff can process them and notify employees all in Confluence. When the issue is closed, an FAQ page is generated/updated in Confluence.

Database Connector


This connector may be downloaded and used with any frevvo edition. You can easily connect your form or workflow to your database. Your data can be saved to the database and you can also pre-fill your form with data from the database.

The database connector is a war that must be installed in a servlet container such as Tomcat. It must have access to your database and must also be accessible to the frevvo server.

If you have the in-house version of frevvo, you may install the connector in the same servlet container. If you are using the SaaS version of frevvo, you will need to ensure that forms have HTTP access to the connector.

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