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Focus on Student Success

Don't let manual workflows slow you down. With frevvo’s easy-to-use software, you can design any form and automate any approval workflow. Eliminate paper and improve services to students & staff.

Student Registration
Transcript Requests
Financial Aid
Class Scheduling
Teacher On-Boarding
Absence Records
Travel Claim
Budget Approval
Recruiting Authorization
Travel Claim

Electronic Signatures
for Permission Forms

Electronic signatures on your web forms and approval workflows dramatically improve usability. Get rid of wasteful printing, scanning and e-mailing.

Case Study - Escondido
Union School District

Online approval workflows save faculty & staff precious time.

EUSD has automated 8 approval workflows in just three months and decommissioned SharePoint as a result of their success with frevvo.

Employee On-boarding
PDF (W-4) generation

Generate pixel perfect PDFs such as a Government W-4 from data & signatures in your workflow. No need to enter the same data or to sign in multiple places.

Multiple Languages
to manage demographics

Multiple languages allows users and customers to provide information easily and accurately. Try this general permission form: English & Spanish.

Case Study
OSRAM Sylvania

Automated HR functions integrated with PeopleSoft.

OSRAM Sylvania has automated HR functions such as salary changes and shift modifications integrated with PeopleSoft and their existing HR Portal.

Dynamic Absence Records
with Google Sheets

Dynamic absence record flow integrates with Google spreadsheets.

Use frevvo + Google Sheets to create dynamic forms that populate pick lists & auto-fill fields. Eliminate errors, reduce typing and save time & money.

Automatic Calculations
for Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement distances calculated using Google Maps.

Automatically calculated mileage between destinations reduces errors, time & effort to fill out forms and approve.

Multi-language PDF Generation
for Emergency Contact

Multiple languages ensure accurate emergency contact forms. PDF generation ensures easy access. Try this example in English, Spanish or Chinese.

Williams Complaint
Standard PDF generation

California Williams Complaint form with signature & PDF.

E-mailing PDF, Word documents & Excel around is expensive & wasteful. A completely automated approval workflow saves lots of time and money.