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Free Travel & Mileage Form Templates

Try these example travel forms and workflows. See how easy it is to digitize your reimbursement forms and processes, sign electronically without printing and work with SQL databases and business systems.

Automatic Calculations for Mileage Reimbursement

Mileage reimbursement distances calculated using Google Maps.

This approval workflow is used to reimburse employees for actual miles driven. Instead of requiring them to enter miles manually, it uses the Google Maps Distance API to compute mileage between city pairs and then automatically calculates reimbursement amount and totals. It's easier, faster and has fewer errors. The form also demonstrates digital signatures which verify the identity of the user signing it and guarantee that the signed data has not been tampered with.

Travel Authorization & Reconciliation Process

Authorize travel budget and submit expenses after traveling.

This travel request form allows an employee to enter estimated expenses and business justification prior to travel and get it signed and approved by a manager / department head. After the travel has been completed, the employee can come back and reconcile expenses. If actual expenses are greater than authorized expenses, the form will route back for additional approval otherwise it will go straight to finance. The form also pulls employee information from a backend system, performs calculations automatically, validates dates and other fields, allows attachments and electronic signatures. At the end, it will email you a PDF of the completed process.

Conditional Travel
Request Process

Process to pre-approve travel expenses and advance budget.

This travel request process collects employee and travel information. It pre-fills fields such as employee name and manager automatically. Some travel data is dynamic e.g. the form ensures that your departure date is before your return date. The form also validates business constraints e.g. the maximum cost of travel and the maximum advance amounts are enforced. It's also signed digitally. The form then routes to a manager for approval and then conditionally to Finance and/or the Travel Desk depending on the data in the form. Finally, after completion, it emails a PDF of the entire travel authorization for the employee's records.

What are travel & mileage reimbursement forms used for?

Travel authorization and mileage forms are extremely common across all industries. They're used to ensure that business travel is undertaken only when necessary and also that costs are controlled. These forms apply business protocols automatically to guarantee that internal norms cannot be bypassed, the travel in question produces real business value and is pre-authorized. delivered, and the price being paid. The travel request form almost always includes one or more signatures.

What's on a travel request form?

Travel forms contain important information including:

  • Your corporate logo and name.
  • Information about the employee requesting travel including name, email, department etc.
  • Details about the travel being requested including destination, estimated expenses.
  • Business purpose for the trip.
  • Line items for each part e.g. flight, rental car, hotel etc. with subtotals, grand total, taxes, discounts etc.
  • Date of the request, along approval/rejection by a manager and any other optional approvals.
  • Signatures of the employee, manager and other approvers.

Basic Travel
Request Form

Basic travel request form that simply emails a PDF for approval.

This travel request form does not demonstrate frevvo's built-in workflow routing. The form pulls in employee data and pre-populates fields. It also displays dynamic behavior such as displaying a list of US States if the country is US but allowing free-form entry otherwise. It validates fields automatically but also uses a visual business rule to ensure that the selected return date is after the departure date. It also supports electronic signing. Finally, when the form is submitted, it simply sends an email for approval including a PDF of the travel request.

Why use electronic travel forms?

Online travel request forms have significant advantages:

  • They guarantee that business protocols are properly followed and cannot be bypassed.
  • Form fields are automatically validated. This ensures that there are no mistakes or missing data and reduces unnecessary back and forth for corrections.
  • They work on mobile devices and support digital signatures so managers can authorize travel requests from anywhere at any time.
  • Integration with SQL databases and other business systems reduces data entry and errors saving employees valuable time.
  • Since the electronic form is routed automatically, employees don't have to worry about reading detailed instructions, figuring out whose approvals they need and tracking down where the approval currently resides.

Why automate travel and mileage forms with frevvo?

frevvo provides 100% visual workflow automation software (watch this 6 min demo video to learn more) that anyone in your organization can use to digitize these forms and processes without being an expert programmer. The system includes many built-in templates that you can use as starting points and all features needed for real business solutions such as a rich array of controls, visual business rules, drag-and-drop routing and a lot more. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and get started today.

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