Workflow Analysis Software for Peak Business Performance

Your business and the environment it operates in are changing constantly. frevvo's workflow analysis software can help you quickly adapt by improving the competitiveness and productivity of your processes.

What is workflow analysis?

Businesses use workflow analysis to evaluate internal processes to identify opportunities to improve efficiency.

By making meaningful optimizations to key workflows, businesses improve productivity, the customer experience, and profitability.

One of the keys to effective workflow analysis is having a tool like frevvo that makes it easy to quickly come to actionable insights. A simple, powerful workflow management tool like frevvo then enables you to create and optimize workflows that’ll have your business operating at peak efficiency.

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Let us show you how frevvo's workflow analysis software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today
Team productivity insights at a glance

Get team productivity insights at a glance

With frevvo, you can quickly identify bottlenecks in everyday processes. Zero-in on underutilization of resources using the built-in productivity report.

Drill down all the way to the task level to understand how team members are performing over different time periods.

Optimize and upgrade performance with real data and statistics at your fingertips.

Find and correct process errors

Quickly find and correct process-breaking errors

Manually tracking down a failed business process such as a missing sales order is a tedious exercise.

With our built-in submission failures report, you can quickly identify tasks that were aborted due to an error and take corrective action rapidly.

Reduce frustration and unnecessary manual tasks and get in front of issues before they affect customers.

Identify most used processes

Identify your most-used processes

Focus on optimizing processes where it'll make the most difference for your business.

Use frevvo's visual reports to quickly identify the tasks and processes consuming the most amount of team time.

View active processes in real time

Unblock active processes in real-time

Often, workflows get stuck and process administrators need to figure out why. Is someone holding up an approval? Did a notification get sent to the wrong person?

With frevvo, you can instantly see the status, pending activity, and responsible parties for any delayed workflow. Know exactly how to take action to get things back up to speed.

Automate, monitor, and analyze your workflows with 100% visual tools

Paper- and email-based processes aren't just slower and more error-prone – they're also inherently more difficult to analyze than automated, digital processes.

When you're ready to transition your workflows to digital, consider frevvo's workflow management solution. Use our 100% visual tools and drag-and-drop designers to quickly create forms and automated workflows customized for your business. There's no coding required, so anyone can do it.

Use frevvo's built-in reports and workflow analysis tools to understand your digital data in real-time, uncovering opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks, optimize redundant, error-prone workflows, and improve usability. It's your simplest, fastest path to optimized, ultra-efficient workflows.

100% Visual Workflow Automation
Enterprise ready forms and workflow software

Our workflow management software is built for business

frevvo’s platform includes everything you need to automate processes in the most demanding business environment:

  • Security: We encrypt your data everywhere so it’s always 100% protected. The system integrates with multiple security infrastructures, e.g. Active Directory or SAML, to safeguard against unauthorized access.
  • Scalability: Fast, responsive user interfaces are now a basic requirement. We monitor demand and automatically scale to meet it so customers always get a fantastic user experience.
  • Localization: Allow your team to work in the
  • Accessibility: Meet regulatory requirements and include all users with built-in ADA / WCAG compliance. The best part – it’s automatic. You don’t have to do anything.
  • language of their preference. frevvo supports all languages globally.
  • Flexibility: Our cloud-based and on-premise offerings both offer the same set of powerful capabilities so you can deploy either one with confidence.

Let us show you how frevvo's easy, visual forms management and workflow automation software can help you improve efficiency in your organization today.

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