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How to Create a Digital Signature Workflow with frevvo

Signatures are an inherent part of day-to-day approvals. Manual processes require tedious and unnecessary printing, signing and scanning for approvals. Automated business processes that incorporate online forms and digital signatures is a great way for organizations to gain control over and accelerate routine processes in their operations.

In this video, we'll show you how to create and add a digital signature to your web forms and automated processes and how that will help you save time, money, and improve efficiency.

In this video, we cover the following:

  • Secure Digital Signatures: Learn how to add secure digital signatures to your forms and processes. These encrypted signatures protect the data being signed, detect tampering and confirm the identity of the signer.
  • Wet Signatures: Sometimes you just want the online form to be signed without requiring identity verification. We show you how to drop a Signature control onto your form and let the person sign with their finger on a touch screen device or the mouse on a laptop.
  • Map To Documents: Once signed, the captured image of your wet signature is copied and saved in the submission data. The same signature can be mapped and transferred to one or more PDF documents preventing repetitiveness.
  • Sign on the go: Accessing forms and workflows on mobile devices is built into frevvo. We show you how the same digital device used to access forms can also be used to sign documents.

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