Expense Reimbursement Form Templates

Compare the experience of completing an expense reimbursement form in Excel vs. a mobile-friendly, online, customizable form.

With an online form, you can digitize your expense reimbursement processes, including automated approval workflows and routing.

Business Expense Reimbursement Form

This is an online form and approval process that looks similar to an Excel spreadsheet you might use. It automatically categorizes expenses making it easier for Finance to manage. All calculations such as subtotals and grand total are performed automatically, employee fields are auto-populated and it's easy to attach receipts. On mobile devices, the receipt can also be attached by taking a photo. The form also validates all fields to eliminate errors and can be signed electronically.
Compare it to using Excel or paper. Other than calculations, none of the advanced functionality is available. You have to print to sign, attach receipts separately to email and so on. The online version is vastly more efficient and saves time & money.
Mileage Reimbursement Process integrated with Google Maps
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Automatic Calculations for Mileage Reimbursement

This approval workflow is used to reimburse employees for actual miles driven. Instead of requiring them to enter miles manually, it uses the Google Maps Distance API to compute mileage between city pairs and then automatically calculates reimbursement amount and totals. It's easier, faster and has fewer errors. The form also demonstrates digital signatures which verify the identity of the user signing it and guarantee that the signed data has not been tampered with.
Compare it to using Excel or paper. None of this functionality is possible. The online version saves time and reduces mistakes.

Digitize Expense Reports and Improve Efficiency

Expense & mileage reimbursement forms are routinely used in every business to track, monitor and control spending. They're used to reimburse employees for costs incurred during the normal course of doing business as long as those costs meet company policy and are approved by a manager, vice president or CFO. Well-designed reimbursement forms prevent fraud, ensure business standards cannot be bypassed, employees are paid back in a timely manner, and can also provide legal protection in case of an audit. They must usually be approved by multiple people and almost always include signatures as a result.

What's on a typical reimbursement form?

Irrespective of whether you're using Excel or online forms, a typical form includes the following:

  • Corporate logo and name.
  • Date of the reimbursement request.
  • Requesting employee's details.
  • Line items for each expense including date, category, amount, business justification etc.
  • Calculated amounts e.g. total, amount to be reimbursed etc.
  • All necessary approvals and signatures required by company policy.

What are the advantages of electronic reimbursement forms vs Excel?

Automating everyday operational processes confers transformative benefits on the organization:

  • By making operational data available in digital format, it enables companies to consider machine learning, artificial intelligence and other modern, disruptive technologies.
  • Electronic forms don't have to be printed for signatures and make your organization environmentally friendlier.
  • There's never a question of using the wrong or outdated version of the Excel form. The online form is always the latest version.
  • Automated routing saves time spent on paperwork and allows employees to focus on things that add real value. They also aren't confused by complex instructions embedded in the Excel.
  • Since online forms can be integrated with business systems, they reduce data entry and errors. Fewer mistakes means less time wasted chasing them down and correcting them.
  • The electronic form and process works on mobile devices without changes – a must-have in today's world of on-the-go business.
  • Automatic validation, maps, attachments, dynamic behavior to show/hide sections on-demand and other features common to online forms are simply impossible with Excel.
It's easy to see how even a single electronic form or process can deliver massive ROI.

Why automate expense and mileage reimbursement forms with frevvo?

Our 100% visual, easy-to-use form and workflow software (watch this 6 min demo video to learn more) let's anyone – not just expert coders – use pre-built templates as starting points to quickly and easily digitize forms. Using point-and-click wizards, they can build dynamic behavior or route the form for approvals. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and get started today.

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