Why choose frevvo vs Nintex?

There are seven big reasons why frevvo might be the better fit for you.

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The biggest difference is our commitment to customer success

At frevvo, we pride ourselves on our customers getting real benefits, quickly. That means we work hard every day to understand your needs, be available to assist you, and give you an excellent experience.

No wonder 100% of our reviewers give us positive reviews and 100% of them would recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

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Compare that with Nintex: just 75% positive reviews and a 3.6/5 rating for customer support.

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Long story short: if you're looking for a vendor that believes in the success of their customers, you're in the right place. Dedication to our customer success is core to our DNA – we will always stand behind you.

What else makes frevvo different?

Simple pricing and value for money

We offer straightforward pricing and tremendous value for the money. There are no confusing tiers with different levels of functionality. Pricing scales up with usage and all features are available at all price points. It's that simple.

Nintex is expensive – it's reflected in their "value for money" rating on GetApp (3.6/5). Pricing is tiered and most of the best features are limited to the most expensive tier. Even common business requirements add cost. For example, digital signatures are available through integration with Adobe Sign and incur a minimum $1.75 cost per sign event. You're likely to find that costs escalate quickly.

Focus on simplicity

frevvo is dedicated to ease of use. We offer one product that works in all environments – Microsoft, Unix (including Linux), and Cloud –. We constantly strive to improve the usability of our designers so they're intuitive and simple. From pre-built templates to visual workflow wizards to a guided design experience, anyone can create forms and workflows that meet real business needs without coding or help from I.T.

frevvo is simple and easy to use

Beautiful, responsive forms on all devices
that are easy to use and create

Nintex has a confusing set of products and add-ons – it's difficult to determine exactly what features your business needs. The user interface is different depending on which product you use and there is a much bigger learning curve as a result.

For a straightforward, easy-to-adopt and -use solution, there's no comparison to frevvo.

Enterprise-quality capabilities that are ridiculously easy to use

While we focus on simplicity, we also know that our customers such as universities, government organizations, and businesses have complex business processes and requirements. Their forms are long and detailed, featuring tables, repeating controls, dynamic sections and more.

Their workflows are dynamic with complex routing requirements. They require things like ADA/WCAG compliance for accessibility, localization for globally deployed processes, PDF generation for electronically signed documents, and more.

frevvo handles these and other complex requirements while remaining simple for anyone to use without coding or help from I.T. All at a reasonable cost.

With Nintex, capabilities like ADA/WCAG compliance and localization are not available. Outputting data to PDFs requires additional (complicated) licensing based on the number of generated documents.

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Access to hands-on training and support

We want you to be successful with frevvo, so we offer several resources to help you and your team learn to build and maintain forms and workflows. Included with your purchase of frevvo: 2-hour mini-training sessions as well as 2- or 3-day in-depth training.

And a real person is available on the phone to assist you when you need it.

Nintex offers only tiered support and you have to pay to get any help either directly or through one of their partners.

Overall rating: 5/5

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Works with all platforms with flexible deployment models

Many customers deal with particularly sensitive data or regulatory environments that do not permit cloud deployment. Our customers include government entities like the Australian Financial Security Authority and universities like Princeton who simply can't afford to expose their processes to potential hackers.

With frevvo, there's no need to choose. We offer exactly the same software and the same set of features in both cloud and on-premise deployments. Choose the version that best suits your requirements.

Both our cloud and on-premise software support multiple platforms. Our on-premise workflow software runs on your existing infrastructure – Microsoft or Unix (including Linux). We support the most common SQL databases, web servers, and application servers. Customers have deployed in their own private AWS VM, VMWare server, Windows server, and a host of other environments.

Nintex Cloud is cloud-only and, while it's trying to be platform agnostic, Nintex is still very Microsoft-centric. If your business is heavily dependent on deep integration with SharePoint or Office 365 and you’ve got a big I.T. budget, it’s probably the right choice.

Native integrations

Unless you're really small or new, most organizations use SQL databases and other business systems to conduct their day to day operations. They also store documents in electronic document management (EDM) systems. With frevvo's wizard-based native connectors, you can create digital workflows that integrate with business data and automatically save documents to EDM systems. All without doing any coding.

Using our built-in integration with XML and XML schema, customers create incredibly dynamic and sophisticated forms and workflows without having to write a single line of code.

frevvo vs Nintex dynamic forms

Highly dynamic frevvo form integrated with SQL
Can your form designer do that without complex coding?

Since frevvo's connectors can be deployed in the cloud, in your DMZ, or behind your firewall, you can be assured of the security of your critical information.

frevvo customers

Where are we still improving?

The fact is that no platform is perfect. We use extensive data and customer feedback to prioritize upcoming improvements.

While frevvo is already very simple and intuitive, we're always working to make it even easier with significant upcoming UI enhancements. Our goal is "from free trial to working prototype in 15 minutes or less".

In response to customer feedback, we expect to release a powerful reporting engine this year. The best part is that you'll be able to use frevvo's existing, familiar form designer with new graphics controls to design beautiful reports. Nothing new to learn.

We're also working on some advanced features like parallel workflows and versioning so you can have multiple versions of the same workflow running at the same time.

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