Yves Rocher has transitioned over 30 manual processes to frevvo digital forms and workflows.

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Yves Rocher automated their new employee onboarding workflow in just 50 hours without coding.

"Using digital forms means information is complete and perfect from one end to the other. We are really, really happy and looking forward to taking more processes online."
Anne-Marie Fleet
I.T. Projects Administrator

Customer Profile

Yves Rocher is a French beauty product retailer, established in North America for more than 35 years, that is committed to "taking action for the beauty of women and nature." The Canadian Yves Rocher branch has over 55 stores spread across several provinces. Their team of about 300 regular employees grows rapidly to 600 employees during peak seasons.

Yves Rocher France

Business Situation

Yves Rocher in Canada regularly hires and onboards new employees for their stores. The process involves several forms which vary based on store location and frequently change. Since this paper-based process relied on mail to move forms back and forth from the store to the HR headquarters, it often resulted in major delays when new hires used an outdated form version, missed info, or had hard-to-read handwriting. Due to these setbacks, a new employee might be working for several weeks before their payroll could be processed.

Solution Summary

Yves Rocher turned to frevvo"s automated workflow solution to improve these processes and implement a more environmentally friendly system. In just 50 hours, their staff created an Employee Onboarding Workflow that could dynamically require the right forms based on the employee’s location. The new workflow has features like:

  • Required fields, digital signatures, and embedded instructions to help the employee fill it out correctly.
  • Automatic uniform ordering from the onboarding workflow.
  • Notifications and reminders to keep the process running smoothly.
As a result, the need to send forms back for corrections is practically eliminated. When the government requested biometric authorizations on short notice, frevvo saved the day. Yves Rocher created the digital consent form in less than hour, added it to the onboarding workflow, and all employees completed it in under two weeks.

Key Features

  • Dynamically show or hide forms based on the user"s location.
  • When form requirements change, a quick edit in the workflow is all you need – no copies and no confusion!
  • Custom workflow routing instantly sends the forms to each department and notifies them by email.
  • The rejection feature allows a workflow to be returned for corrections or discarded at any point in the process.
  • Designers can use a current form as a template when creating new forms, so they don’t need to start from scratch.


  • Employees can start work with no delay in uniforms or payroll – especially important during peak seasons when hundreds of new staff are hired.
  • The HR Department saves time and hassle previously spent correcting errors.
  • The process is simple to use so store managers can focus on leadership, not paperwork.
  • Less paper and fewer mailings leads to a greener system.

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