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"With frevvo, our Shipping Request process is highly improved - beyond measure. The cost is worth it because the process efficiency actually saves so much time and money."
Alix Christensen, Trade Compliance Analyst

Customer Profile

Varex Imaging Corporation is a leading independent supplier of medical X-ray tubes and image processing solutions. They frequently need to ship items domestically and internationally. For example, an engineer might send a sample to a vendor, a salesperson might ship materials to a trade show, or IT might ship a laptop to a new employee.

Varex Imaging Corporation

Business Situation

In the past, Varex Imaging used email and Excel to organize these types of shipments and their associated compliance documentation. It was easy to miss an approval step, leave out important details, or have data get corrupted along the way. The email-based process would sometimes take an entire month to complete. Varex Imaging chose frevvo to make this process more efficient, faster and less costly.

Solution Summary

The Shipping Request workflow can now be initiated by any user in the company from a link on their employee portal. Dynamic business logic created with frevvo's visual rule builder prefills information such as shipping address, and shows only fields that are relevant, e.g. customs compliance information is visible for international shipments but hidden for domestic shipments. Efficiency and regulatory compliance are improved with dynamic routing that ensures all required steps are completed based on the shipment details. frevvo automatically emails the originator of the form providing a unique request number generated by the workflow, so they can follow up on their request later.

Once approvals are complete, the logistics team has all the information they need to book the shipment. When the workflow is submitted, frevvo automatically creates and emails the Packing Slip and Commercial Invoice PDFs so they can be included in the shipment.

Key Features

  • Point-and-click wizards make it easy to implement custom logic to pre-fill form fields, show and hide relevant fields, and create an unique request number.
  • Conditional routing ensures that each workflow is sent to the right approvers.
  • Automatic emails keep the team updated with helpful tracking information.
  • PDF Mapping generates official documents filled in with form data.


  • Huge time and cost savings – a process that sometimes took a month to complete can be fulfilled in as little as a day with the frevvo workflow.
  • The workflow ensures complete and accurate information is collected to fulfill the shipping request in compliance with trade laws.
  • Packing Slips and Commercial Invoices are automatically created, stored, and emailed.

frevvo transformed Varex Imaging's Shipping Request from a clunky email-based process to a streamlined digital workflow that can be fulfilled in 48 hours or less.

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