Manatee County Sheriff's Office reduces processing time for citizen requests from one month to days

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"Using frevvo for our Contract Approval Process saves us money and provides the workflow flexibility we need."
Eric Werbeck, General Counsel

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The Manatee County Sheriff"s Office"s mission is to serve and protect its citizens and visitors in the best tradition of professional law enforcement. When the Sheriff observed that some processes, such as a property return process, were taking much longer than they should, the MCSO looked for a better solution. They chose frevvo to streamline their processes so that law enforcement officers can focus on the mission, not the paperwork.

Manatee County Sheriff's Office

Business Situation

The Manatee County Sheriff"s Office (MCSO) currently uses frevvo for three processes - contract approval, off-duty employment, and property returns. In the past, these paper-based processes could take up to a month to complete. It was often hard to determine where a process was stalled, or what the next steps were.

Solution Summary

The new digital contract approval was quick to implement because MCSO"s designer started with a pre-built template. The workflow circulates a contract dynamically to the correct bureaus for approval - no more hunting down paperwork or wondering who to send it to next. A clever design and simple business logic let the first approver adjust the routing on the fly. Digital signatures allow users to provide legally binding signatures on the approval without additional software or a separate log-in. The workflow automatically sends aesthetically designed emails to reflect MCSO branding and includes informative details from the workflow. The final email includes a PDF copy of the contract, which is easy to drag and drop into the Contract Management system.

Using frevvo as a front-end approval application saves the office money; other systems are less dynamic and bill per seat, even if that seat is rarely used. With frevvo, a workflow can have any number of participants while also routing dynamically based on information entered at runtime.

The MCSO also facilitates citizens hiring off-duty officers to serve at local events. When a citizen makes a request, an MCSO coordinator kicks off the workflow. Then, the citizen can enter the location, dates, number of officers requested and other details. The layout is customized to optimize screen space with tabs, collapsable sections, and prefilled data, which make the form simple to fill out for any user. If the citizen does not complete the step within 14 days, the step is automatically reassigned to the coordinator who can discard it if needed.

Next, the MCSO coordinator reviews the request and can return it to the citizen if any corrections are needed. Once approved, the workflow automatically sends an email notifying the citizen of the approval with a built-in PDF snapshot custom formatted as a contract.

A third frevvo workflow streamlines a complex property return process, which involves taking a request from a citizen, processing and approving that request through several bureaus, scheduling an appointment, releasing the property, and issuing a receipt. The workflow handles the citizen"s preferences seamlessly - the citizen can complete the form digitally, or if they prefer paper, the workflow generates a PDF that can be mailed or faxed. In the past, the MCSO would have to create an official letter to the citizen for denied requests informing them of the reasons for the denial. Now, frevvo automatically generates these letters and emails them to the citizen, eliminating the extra time and effort of maintaining Word templates, filling them in, and converting them to PDFs. The final property release step collects the citizen"s electronic signature on a Topaz signature pad, then emails the receipt to the property clerk and the citizen. This process, which once took up to a month and absorbed a lot of the Lieutenants" time, can now be completed within a week and only takes a few minutes of key personnel time, freeing them up to protect and serve.

For each of these processes, the legal office can easily search for tasks and view audit trails, making it simple to know where any given workflow is in the process and help move it along if needed. Dynamic workflow routing and email assignments ensure the right departments are involved and avoid unnecessary steps.

Key Features

  • Smart, efficient workflow routing ensures the correct bureaus approve each flow.
  • Form-to-PDF mapping eliminates the need for maintaining and editing Word document templates.
  • Time limits and automatic reassignment prevent delays.
  • Automated emails, including custom formatting, real-time form data, attachments, and a built-in PDF snapshot keep participants informed.


  • Faster, more efficient service to the community - tasks that might take several days can now be done in minutes.
  • Reduces paperwork; MCSO personnel and citizens can participate in, approve, and digitally sign the workflow, eliminating the need to print, sign, copy, and scan.
  • Workflows of any complexity are easy to implement with pre-built templates, drag and drop design tools, and visual logic builders.

Digital frevvo workflows help ensure the Sheriff meets his goal of speeding up processes and minimize the time officers and staff spend on paperwork. The Manatee County Sheriff"s Office plans to automate even more of its administrative processes using frevvo in the near future.

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