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What Are Business Rules (and How to Implement Them)

Assign a task to two people without any guidelines and you can expect completely different results. This can work for projects that have some degree of creative leeway. 

But having employees perform tasks their own way on more critical activities can affect project outcomes and lead to inconsistent customer experiences.

So how can you set expectations and ensure consistent results across your organization?

Implementing business rules is a good place to start.

This article will look at what business rules are and how implementing them can change how you work. We’ll also look at how you can incorporate business rules into your workflows to make them more efficient.

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How to Create an Electronic Signature (A Guide and Related FAQs)

With the continued increase in remote work and our ever more globally connected workforce, it’s gotten much more difficult to get clients, vendors, and other stakeholders in one place for something like signing a document. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of virtual tools that can help create electronic signatures. With this technology, people from all over the world can review and sign documents easily. 

Although electronic signatures have been legally viable for more than 20 years, plenty of businesses still aren’t sure of the best approach for incorporating them into their workflow. 

This guide will show you exactly how to create an electronic signature through several different methods and tools. Plus, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of electronic signatures and answer your most important electronic signature questions. 

This is a complete guide. To skip to the section you’re most interested in, click the links below: 

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Digital Purchase Orders: The Definitive Guide

A purchase order is one of the necessary types of paperwork that many business owners dread. The purchase order process is often long and complex and requires large amounts of back and forth communication. Too often, information gets lost in this type of disorganized communication – and even when it doesn’t get lost, it’s difficult to keep track of everything.

But this bureaucratic pain is no longer necessary thanks to the advent of purchase order automation software.

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Visual Workflow Designer: Benefits, Use Cases, and What to Look for

When starting a new task, you’ve likely figured out a process that works for you. But unless it’s clearly documented, it’s prone to error — you might forget a step or miss something important.

Keeping things in your head also reduces transparency. Managers don’t know where things stand, and your team members are kept out of the loop.

So how can you ensure more consistent results every time you start a task? How can you increase transparency across your company?

Using a workflow designer is a good place to start.

This article will cover what a workflow designer is and how it benefits your organization. We’ll look at its use cases and what features to look for when choosing one.

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What Is a Workflow Model? Definition and How to Optimize Yours

Missed deadlines, project overruns, duplicate work — these situations are all too common in organizations that rely on manual workflows.

Managers don’t know where things stand or what they can do to help. The lack of visibility in a workflow also puts teams at a disadvantage as it hampers collaboration.

So how can you streamline everyday business activities? How do you keep your team on the same page and hold them accountable for their work?

Start by putting together well-defined workflow models.

This article will cover what workflow models are and the different types. We’ll also look at how you can optimize your workflow models to bring more structure to your business processes. 

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12 Workflow Apps That Will Maximize Employee Productivity

Everyone wants a smooth workflow. The word itself says it all. You want the work to flow seamlessly and produce results with minimal time wasted. Yet we all know that’s rarely how our workdays turn out.

Thankfully, there are tools you can use to get rid of distractions and automate repetitive tasks. Think of them as shortcuts that enable you to focus on your work rather than all the superfluous details. 

A report from Forrester found that organizations with digital document processes have 10 times less at-risk customers than companies that rely on paper-based processes.

From the same study, 97% of respondents from organizations that still rely on manual processes are seeing a negative impact on employee productivity.

The finding speaks to the enormous potential for each business or institution to raise employee productivity by equipping them with the right workflow app and collaboration tools. 

So here are some essential workflow apps that can produce the results you want for maximum employee productivity:

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IT Process Automation: Your Guide to Automation Use-Cases

The problem with manual IT processes is that your IT department ends up spending more time on mundane administration than it does improving its technological capacity.

You can free up your technology department to focus on their skilled work rather than mind-numbing admin tasks by automating your IT processes.

But what parts of the IT workflow can you automate? 

Read on to discover the most common IT process automation use cases and learn how to automate your IT operations for a more streamlined organization.

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The Complete Guide to Invoice Automation in 2021

It’s not just that manual invoice processes are slow and cumbersome — they also create a greater risk of fraud.

When paperwork is filled in manually, and approvals are sought by hand, it’s easy for fraudulent activity to go undetected. 

Invoice automation is a great way to combat this since it minimizes the human element of the process. Plus, it accelerates invoicing workflows, cuts out errors, and reduces processing costs.

Read on to learn all about invoice automation, how it can benefit your organization, and how to implement it today.

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How to Create a Workflow Diagram (and Why You Should)

You and your team are constantly engaging in workflows to get things done — onboarding new hires, drafting client proposals, approving invoices, etc.

Each workflow follows a set of steps to achieve a specific result, whether it’s bringing employees up to speed or procuring goods for shipment.

But are your workflows efficient? 

Are they properly documented in a way that employees can easily follow and understand? Are they optimized to enable you and your team to get work done quickly and with minimal fuss?

If not, then now is a good time to start creating workflow diagrams.

This article will look at what a workflow diagram is and its importance. We’ll also look at how you can create and use workflow diagrams across your company.

This is an in-depth guide. Click the links below to navigate to the section you want to learn more about:

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4 Business Process Solutions Proven to Drive Efficiency and Growth (with Examples)

While 65% of organizations say that transforming processes is a good way to improve productivity and efficiency, 80% aren’t deploying business process management solutions.

Here’s the thing. 

If you want to maximize operational excellence and efficiency, you must get a handle on your processes. Not only do sloppy processes produce poor results, but they’re also slow, error-prone, and costly.

The best way to iron out the wrinkles in your workflows is to find business process solutions that help you spot bottlenecks, design and implement improvements, and track changes.

Read on to learn about the best business process solutions and how frevvo can help.

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