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12 Workflow Apps That Will Maximize Employee Productivity

Everyone wants a smooth workflow. The word itself says it all. You want the work to flow seamlessly and produce results with minimal time wasted. Yet we all know that’s rarely how our workdays turn out.

Thankfully, there are tools you can use to get rid of distractions and automate repetitive tasks. Think of them as shortcuts that enable you to focus on your work rather than all the superfluous details. 

A report from Forrester found that organizations with digital document processes have 10 times less at-risk customers than companies that rely on paper-based processes.

From the same study, 97% of respondents from organizations that still rely on manual processes are seeing a negative impact on employee productivity.

The finding speaks to the enormous potential for each business or institution to raise employee productivity by equipping them with the right workflow app and collaboration tools. 

So here are some essential workflow apps that can produce the results you want for maximum employee productivity:

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The Complete Guide to Invoice Automation in 2021

It’s not just that manual invoice processes are slow and cumbersome — they also create a greater risk of fraud.

When paperwork is filled in manually, and approvals are sought by hand, it’s easy for fraudulent activity to go undetected. 

Invoice automation is a great way to combat this since it minimizes the human element of the process. Plus, it accelerates invoicing workflows, cuts out errors, and reduces processing costs.

Read on to learn all about invoice automation, how it can benefit your organization, and how to implement it today.

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How to Create an Automated Workflow Without Coding

Every organization has its own set of workflows for everyday tasks. These workflows used to rely on paper forms, ledgers, and inter-office memos.

Most teams have now “progressed” to using Excel and email. While it’s better than physical paper, email-based workflows are still manual and inefficient.

The good news is that modern, cloud-based software is putting the power of automated, digital processes in the hands of non-technical business users.

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8 Workflow Examples to Get You Started Today

Companies everywhere are embracing automation technology and transforming their tedious, time-consuming, manual processes into streamlined, easy-to-use, automated workflows

They’re doing this to reap the many benefits of automation technology. These benefits include reduced operational costs and increased productivity, as well as increased availability, reliability, and performance. In turn, this results in more satisfied customers.

Failing to automate your workflows comes at a cost. The average employee spends 20-40% of their time searching for documents and loses around 40% of their productivity to task switching. Meanwhile, CEOs reportedly spend some 25% of their time on tasks that can be easily automated. 

Every company has different goals and therefore different automation needs and priorities. For instance, a manufacturing company that frequently purchases raw materials might benefit from automating purchase order and invoice approval workflows. A temp agency that constantly recruits and onboards new employees may wish to invest in HR workflow automation to make the hiring and onboarding processes more seamless. 

In this post, we’ll dive into eight powerful examples of workflows at the workplace and discuss how to make the most of each workflow for optimal performance and workflow efficiency. With the right business workflow automation software, you can automate these processes – and much, much more. 

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Workflow vs Process: Understanding the Difference (+Examples)

Workflow and process are common words in business process management (BPM). 

They’re similar enough that they’re often used interchangeably, which creates quite a bit of confusion — even among experts in the field. 

So let’s define “workflow” and “process” in a way that’ll help you precisely and clearly communicate your ideas around BPM at work.

Read more: The differences between BPM and workflow and how to choose what’s right for you.

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How to Streamline Your Business’ Document Workflows

Manual document processing is on its way out. 

Nowadays, 72% of organizations use at least some digital document management processes to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

Unlike your manual documentation workflow, a well-organized automated workflow built with robust software is fast, accurate, and reliable. Not only that, but you can guarantee compliance and streamline remote working.

If you’re unsure how to optimize your business’ documentation workflow, you can follow this step-by-step guide and enjoy quicker, more streamlined document processing.

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