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Employee Onboarding in the Digital Workplace

Companies face fierce competition when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. 

The average millennial stays at a job for 6-12 months, 10-20 times shorter than Baby Boomers and Gen Xers did. Considering that millennials make up some 75% of the workforce, it’s important to understand what millennials want from work and what they expect from their employers. Some 55% of millennials don’t feel fully engaged at work, and perhaps as a result, around 60% say they’re open to a better job opportunity, should one present itself.

While many businesses invest in modern office spaces and offer attractive perks like in-house baristas, free-beer Fridays and unlimited paid time off, they often neglect the internal processes that really shape company culture and impact employee turnover. Onboarding is one of these processes.

For most people, starting a new job is an exciting time. In the course of their research and the interview process, they’ve been won over by the company’s messaging and purpose, and most new hires start out eager to find their feet and prove their worth and integrate into the team as quickly as possible. Instead, they often spend their first days at a new job isolated and mired in paperwork. 

In this digital age, onboarding should be about more than getting a bunch of forms filled out. When done strategically, onboarding can be a valuable tool to instill loyalty in new employees by making them feel valued and engaged from the word go. By digitizing as much of the traditional employee onboarding process as possible and embracing onboarding prior to their start date, you create the opportunity to focus on human engagement during your new hire’s first days instead.

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Best Practices to Improve Employee on-Boarding and New Hire Orientation

Getting the on-boarding process right is critical for an organization to make sure every new hire feels comfortable, satisfied and welcomed in the organization. On-boarding done right leads to enhanced productivity and better retention of the new employee. Here are a few best practices that will help you improve your on-boarding process.

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