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Best Practices to Improve Employee on-Boarding and New Hire Orientation

Getting the on-boarding process right is critical for an organization to make sure every new hire feels comfortable, satisfied and welcomed in the organization. On-boarding done right leads to enhanced productivity and better retention of the new employee. Here are a few best practices that will help you improve your on-boarding process.

  1. Think from the new hire’s perspective: Move away from an entirely ad-hoc way approach to systematically documenting the process. The first day is often overwhelming for a new employee; having a documented checklist, a feature-rich resource library and online new hire forms to handle the paperwork is a great way to improve the employee on-boarding process.
  2. Communicate what to expect before the start date: New hires go through a lot between accepting your job offer to their first day. Start the process early – communicate the schedule about a week before their first day. Having the necessary paperwork done in advance is a simple yet effective way to improve the overall employee on-boarding process.
  3. Reduce paperwork to expedite the process: On-boarding is a multifaceted program; so swamping new hires with paperwork is counterproductive. By using tried and tested automated employee onboarding software like frevvo, you get a dynamic online form builder, can generate dynamic PDF forms and store all documents in the cloud which enhances the security, productivity, efficiency, and flexibility of the on-boarding process.
  4. Arrange a Helping Hand: The first day on the new job can be lonely. Try to help new hires get rid of the nervousness and anxiety they might feel about starting at a new organization. Employ specific tactics that will keep new hires engaged during on-boarding. Giving them access to a resource library, assigning a mentor – someone from their team – and answering all their questions personally makes a big difference.
  5. Make their day special: Introduce them to the team, ensure that teams take the time to welcome their new colleague , having their desk fully prepared, a personalized AV message from the CEO telling them how important they are to the organization are a few ideas that will make a difference. Giving personalized attention and letting your new hire feel at home is the best way to enhance the on-boarding experience of new hires and motivate them to be productive.

Remember, the on-boarding experience should be smooth, welcoming and productive. Using good employee onboarding solution like frevvo combined with the best practices above is a great way to improve the employee on-boarding process.

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