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Dynamic Forms & Workflow Automation

Approval workflow automation combines everyday business processes, people and information to provide a 360-degree view of work. Digitizing these routine day-to-day tasks and the associated forms using modern tools to reduce paperwork is one of the fastest ways to improve efficiency.

In this video, we'll show you frevvo empowers people to participate directly in designing forms, structuring business workflows, and automating processes, even if they do not have any coding knowledge using our drag-and-drop, low-code interface.

In this video, we covered the following:

  • Dynamic Business Forms: Get rid of tedious duplicate data entry and delays due to errors and invalid data. Dynamic forms pre-fill fields and automatically detect problems. They're also easier for users since they hide irrelevant sections.
  • Electronic Signatures: Get rid of tedious procedures like email, print, sign, and scan for approvals. It's easy to drag-and-drop to enable secure, digital signatures on all devices.
  • End-to-end Workflow Automation: Learn how workflow automation eliminates drudgery, enhances productivity, and helps in building an agile team. Conditional Routing: See how easy it is to route documents to the right people depending on business rules and data entered into forms.
  • Other Features: Get a quick overview of at how to use frevvo as a whole including sophisticated layouts, mobile support, notifications and a whole host of powerful capabilities built for business.

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