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[Recorded Webinar] How to Automate Forms & Workflows in your Institution today

Many educational institutions are already using frevvo to reduce paperwork, bureaucracy and associated administrative costs. They're doing this by digitizing forms and automating their everyday operations for things like purchase orders, student onboarding, student enrollment, permission forms, etc.

If you're in the education industry and you're looking to reduce paper usage, costs, labor, and improve efficiency in current processes then this webinar will help you understand how automation can address these challenges.

In the webinar, we covered the following topics:

  • SAML / Single Sign On: We show you how frevvo integrates with a variety of SAML and SSO products so users do not have to remember multiple passwords and can login automatically.
  • Signature Forms in Multiple Languages: Permission forms that require parent/guardian signature such as field trip or sports consent are very common. As US demographics change, schools increasingly need to communicate with their constituents in multiple languages (e.g. English and Spanish). We show how multi-language forms are simply a matter of providing the actual translations with frevvo.
  • Dynamic Forms: Many educational forms are easier to fill if they're dynamic. We show how form fields are automatically filled in, sections are conditionally displayed, pick list options are populated dynamically and calculations are performed. With frevvo's Visual Rule Builder, anyone can create dynamic forms.
  • Automating Approval Processes: Learn to automate various routine workflows like travel authorization, leave approval, expense reports, etc. used daily in the education industry. Conditional routing, escalations, and notifications are all built-in.

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