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Talent is the #1 determinant of success in the 21st century. As a result, HR has become a critical function in your organization. HR departments are swamped with unnecessary paperwork, spending 40% of their time on administrative work. Automate HR processes and free your people to focus on what matters: talent. frevvo's 100% visual, low-code solution delivers extraordinary capabilities:
Visual form and workflow designers
Point-and-click wizards for integration
Visual business rules
Automatic, built-in mobility
Fast, beautiful UX
Work with SharePoint, SQL, Google Apps etc.
Multi-layered approach keeps your data safe
World-class customer support

Focus on attracting & retaining talent. We'll manage the process.

Take control of your processes

Reduce paperwork and speed up everyday HR functions like employee on-boarding and time off requests. frevvo can handle your most complex HR workflows and free up HR people so that they can spend more time on employees rather than paperwork.

No programmers necessary

There's no need to hire expensive coders or undertake months-long projects. Our software is visual, drag-and-drop and easy to use. It's so easy that business users are creating beautiful looking forms and workflows today and deploying them on mobile devices.

World-class Software & Support

We're here for you. Our talented customer support and client services teams are here to assist you so that you'll get your first form or workflow into production in a matter of days. Our cloud-based software is reasonably priced, secure and reliable.