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Electronic wet signatures

frevvo’s digital signature software already supports electronic signatures so any authenticated user can digitally sign a section, lock it down and prevent tampering with the data. That’s an incredibly powerful feature but many customers still want the ability to add a wet signature via signature pads like Topaz devices, touchscreen computers and mobile devices. We’re working on that and expect that it’ll be available in the next release.
As usual with frevvo, we’ll make sure this is extremely easy to use. How will it work? You’ll be able to drag and drop a new Signature control from the palette anywhere into the form. You can make it required, add a tool tip, style it etc. like any other control. To sign, simply click or touch a signature control, and frevvo will present an entry dialog. Sign using a touchscreen, track pad, stylus or just using your mouse.

Signature Entry Dialog
Signature Entry Dialog

Click Done and the signature is displayed in the form scaled down into the signature control as shown below.

Signed Form
Signed Form

Easy as that. This signature functionality will require no special hardware; all you need is a smartphone or a computer with a relatively modern browser that supports HTML5. Coming soon …


Ashish Deshpande has worked in the process automation space for over 20 years. He has been instrumental in successfully deploying frevvo’s software at hundreds of organizations such as HBO, New York University, and Boston Public Schools. Ashish has contributed to leading publications such as Forbes, and Ashish received a PhD in Computer Science from Yale University, and a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India.

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