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No-Cost Emergency Workflow Help in Response to COVID-19

In light of COVID-19, frevvo has decided to provide free extended access to our simple workflow management software to help organizations manage any coronavirus-related emergency content.

We’ve heard from a number of public and non-profit organizations that there is a need for solutions like our digital forms and automated workflow software, so we’re making it available to anyone who needs it in this trying time. 

To help organizations suddenly dealing with the challenges of going remote:

  1. We will provide extended free access without restrictions. You’ll be under no obligation to continue using the software after the emergency has passed. Think of it as an extended trial – absolutely free of cost, with no limit on the number of users or forms.
  2. We’ve also created numerous templates for emergency forms and workflows that are available free of charge.
  3. Finally, we will provide completely free assistance to help you create and deploy them rapidly. 

If your organization can benefit from frevvo’s offering, please get in touch to set up free access. We’re also happy to help you set up and configure forms so you can hit the ground running. 

Who Can frevvo Help?

Private and public organizations alike suddenly find themselves needing to digitize processes so they can be performed remotely to minimize contact between people and help to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Whether you’re a business, K-12 school, university, or community-oriented organization, we want to help you to stay connected.

Here are a few examples of emergency workflows that can be managed digitally to relieve the pressure:

  • Obtaining permission e.g. parental consent for Google Apps, Chromebook loan form, etc.
  • Filing crime reports, 
  • Submitting service requests, 
  • Filling out patient forms at healthcare facilities, 
  • Completing fostering and adoption forms at animal shelters, 
  • Completing financial assistance application forms, 
  • Requisitioning supplies,
  • Managing inventory,
  • Invoicing and other accounting workflows,
  • And much more. 


We’re all ramping up our efforts to help flatten the curve to help prevent our healthcare infrastructure from being overwhelmed.

As a result, social distancing is forcing people to get creative about completing tasks that formerly involved paper and/or interacting with people in person.

We’re mindful of the fact that this virus has caused significant disruption and we want to help in any way we can.

It’s far from business-as-usual, and many people are struggling to adapt to working from home while simultaneously trying to find ways to deal with the ever-present stress of uncertainty. 

frevvo can help you free up mental bandwidth by removing some of the admin burden while making it easier to minimize interpersonal contact. 

What Can frevvo Do to Help?

While it’s certainly not business as usual, organizations need to keep operating as smoothly as possible, particularly in these economically uncertain times. 

We can help you address the growing need to collect and process information remotely.

Our software can make regular office admin tasks such as parental consent, purchase order approvals, timesheets and accounting documentation as painless as possible in a remote work environment.

Will frevvo’s Software Continue to Function?

At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to our operations.

We’ve been a remote-enabled organization for many years. We have internal processes, tools, and procedures in place to handle all aspects of our operations from server management, customer support, and professional services. We even expect product development and new releases to be delivered on schedule.

Set yourself up with a free trial and please contact us if you need help figuring out whether frevvo is the right solution to your problem. 

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