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How to Automate the Invoice Approval Workflow in 3 Easy Steps

Every business, whether its offering is a product or service, has expenses. Suppliers or vendors need to be paid for their products and services, and they need to be paid accurately and on time if you want to maintain good supplier relationships. 

Accounts payable (AP) plays a vital role in any organization, whether it’s a one-person accounting operation in a small business or a whole finance department in a large enterprise. And at the heart of any AP department is the invoice approval workflow. 

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BPM in Higher Education: A Complete Guide

Higher education institutes have an immense workload when it comes to ensuring that students – and staff – have access to all the resources they need for an outstanding education. 

Yet, despite incredible advances in technology in recent years, much of academia still resort to manual workflows to get much of this administrative work done. This leads to piles of paperwork and disjointed processes in which it’s easy for errors to occur and documents to go missing or students to slip between the cracks – which can have dire consequences in the case of processes such as financial aid applications. Not only that, but talented staff end up wasting countless hours on menial tasks like data entry and emails, which is bad news for job satisfaction. 

The solution: business process management. In a nutshell, business process management refers to the practice of digitizing, proactively monitoring, and optimizing the sequence of tasks that need to be performed to achieve a particular business goal. Luckily for businesses – and higher education institutions – everywhere, business process automation software can make this much easier.

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Automating the Expense Approval Process in 8 Simple Steps

What is the Expense Management Process?

Expenses are an unchangeable fact for every organization or business, and for enterprises and small businesses alike, expense management is an important operations process. 

Expense management refers to a set of procedures that allow businesses to monitor and optimize (minimize) their spending—and raise their profit margin. This process encompasses the expense approval workflow in which employees submit expenses they have incurred for reimbursement.

A robust expense approval process helps to ensure that the organization’s spending doesn’t exceed its means. An automated digital expense approval process not only allows you to streamline approvals and save time but also arms you with data that can be used to gain critical insights that can be used to reduce costs. 

On the other hand, managing your expense approval process manually (using emails, spreadsheets, and paper invoices and receipts) takes a lot of time and can result in late payments, which can ruin your organization’s reputation among suppliers and impact your timelines if materials you needed are not procured on time. Paper and manual data entry also result in frequent errors and even missing documents that your finance team has to spend precious hours hunting down.

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Multi-sourcing: How to Make Your Procurement Strategy a Competitive Advantage

What Is Multi-sourcing and Why Does it Matter? 

Sourcing the raw materials, components, products, and outsourced services needed to conduct your business is a core part of any organization’s operations. 

While some business owners would argue that a smaller pool of vendors translates to better terms, service and more personal attention pricing, a growing number of businesses are making a strategic shift away from single-source supplier agreements in response to global events that threaten to disrupt supply lines or raise costs. As a result, multi-sourcing is gaining popularity as a procurement model. 

Driven by organizations that seek to mitigate risk as well as businesses that seek more flexible, innovative and competitive supplier relationships, multi-sourcing offers a number of attractive advantages. 

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Eliminating Bottlenecks and Reducing Fraud with Accounts Payable Automation

In March 2019, the Department of Justice announced the indictment of a Lithuanian man who used invoice fraud to steal $123 million from Google and Facebook. He managed to execute the fraud through business email compromise: he posed as trusted vendors and sent invoices for services that never took place. 

Invoice fraud is on the rise. According to the FBI, email fraud increased by 136% between December 2016 and May 2018. While Google and Facebook managed to recover their funds, the majority of businesses are not so fortunate, and sadly, small-to-medium-sized businesses are often targeted because scammers know that they don’t have the same resources to allocate to combating fraud as larger companies. 

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6 Top BPM Tools for Growing Businesses

Every organization has many moving parts. Just like an orchestra, it’s essential to make sure everyone is playing the same tune. Business process management (BPM) tools are designed to help you analyze and optimize your workflows, so that all sections work in harmony.

There are dozens of business process management platforms to choose from nowadays, each offering something a little different. To help you find the right solution for your organization, here is a closer look at what BPM is and the top BPM tools on the market today.

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Building a Better Customer Onboarding Workflow: How to Hook Customers from the First Interaction

“You had me at hello.”

Is this how new customers feel about you? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could engineer this sentiment into every new customer?

After all, good customer relationships start with good customer onboarding. 

So, what kind of first impression does your business make on new customers? 

Chances are that if you aren’t 100% sure it’s a positive one, you’re leaving room for a poor experience. In turn, you’re increasing the likelihood of customer churn or poor conversion rates.

Take Groove, for example. The customer support platform conducted an audit of its own onboarding practices. They found that designing an onboarding experience that helped customers respond to an orchestrated series of prompts increased their free-to-paid conversion rate by nearly 80%!

With a carefully constructed onboarding process, you can win over your customers from the very first interaction. Even better, you can nurture customers into lifelong brand advocates that provide even more value to your business in the form of referrals, larger purchases, and positive reviews.

Customer onboarding drives revenue – period.

If you want to build a better, more consistent, and automated customer onboarding process, this article will help you understand how to pull it off.

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How to Automate the Contract Approval Process

Sharpen your pencils — we’ll have the contract over to you by Friday. 

Generally speaking, when the conversation turns to contracts, both sides are happy. A contract might represent a new job or employee, a new home or vehicle, a new vendor or customer, or any number of other legal relationships. 

Contracts are often accompanied by a sense of satisfaction and even relief. 

However, those who work with a large number of contracts — vendors, lawyers, property managers, education administrators, and any business that outsources work to contractors — know that reaching this stage is just the beginning. 

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The Cost of Business Process Automation: Comparing Point and Enterprise Solutions

Business process automation (BPA) involves streamlining and automating the everyday workflows involved in the business operations of every organization. These range from everyday administrative processes like data entry to HR processes like onboarding, to financial processes like accounts payable. BPA can be instrumental in optimizing operational efficiency, saving business time and money while significantly improving job satisfaction.

But how much does business process automation actually cost? Unfortunately, the answer is not so clear cut. 

It will depend on the type of solution you choose (point solutions vs. enterprise automation), the number of users, and what processes you want to automate. 

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Why Everyone on Your Team Rolls Their Eyes at ‘Digital Transformation’

Digital transformation (DX) is not a new trend or a passing fad. Organizations have been adopting digital practices for years, overhauling internal and external operations to modernize their businesses and remain competitive. According to a Tech Pro Research Survey, 70% of businesses said that they either have a digital transformation strategy in place or they are currently working on one. 

Empowering your workforce to buy into digital transformation is critical to success, as employee interaction with your internal operations and sales-facing strategies affects every aspect of your business. But employees are not always willing to comply, afraid of the changes ahead and fearing that their jobs will be harder to perform.  

In the wake of the current challenges raised by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees alike are having to rapidly adjust their attitude towards digital transformation.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons employees resist digital transformation so as to address these concerns with greater care and better equip them to deal with the challenges of remote work.

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