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How to Scale Your Business With Process Optimization

Every organization depends on processes to get work done. This includes onboarding new hires, procuring goods and services, drafting new proposals, and more.

These processes are designed to streamline individual activities and help companies manage resources. But new organizational goals and changes in the market can cause established processes to become inefficient.

Outdated processes can result in bottlenecks and leave employees feeling stressed. So how can you optimize existing processes and improve their efficiency?

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The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Design

Your business processes are the backbone of your organization.

Chaotic or undefined business processes lead to inconsistent outcomes and low levels of productivity, which can be costly.

Knowing how to design and create optimized business processes can help streamline your operations, boost productivity, and improve outcomes all around.

Read on to discover why business process design is so important, how to do it well, and the tools you’ll need to make it all come together.

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The Full Guide to Process Mapping for Streamlined Workflows

50% of organizations admit that they’re making a notable effort to improve business processes. 

But if these organizations don’t map their processes, they’ll struggle to make improvements.

Process mapping is crucial to understanding how your business processes are actually performed so that you can identify bottlenecks and waste in the pipeline.

Here’s everything you need to know about process mapping, along with why it’s important, and eight best practices to make sure your process mapping is up to snuff.

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9 Top BPM Tools for Growing Businesses

Every organization has many moving parts. Just like an orchestra, it’s essential to make sure everyone is playing the same tune. Business process management (BPM) tools are designed to help you analyze and optimize your workflows so that all sections work in harmony.

There are dozens of business process management platforms to choose from nowadays, each offering something a little different. 

To help you find the right business process management software for your business, here’s a closer look at what BPM is and the top BPM tools on the market today.

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Automate Purchase Order Tracking in 3 Steps

Purchase orders (POs) play a vital role in every organization, whether it’s a university ordering library books, a company procuring raw materials for manufacturing, or an agency purchasing services from a vendor. 

POs are also one of the most admin-heavy business processes. They’re prone to errors, bottlenecks, lost paperwork, unnecessary back and forth, and maverick purchases. 

This can lead to incorrect deliveries of goods and services, delayed orders, overspending, and even outright fraud if purchase order tracking systems are not in place.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Automate a Process

Business processes are like blueprints – they are the mechanism by which organizations achieve consistent and repeatable outcomes. Well-defined and optimized business processes are important to attaining operational excellence.

It’s no secret that automation can improve business process efficiency and effectiveness by speeding up operations, cutting back on costs, and reducing errors.

But where do you start when it comes to automating the processes within your business?

Read on for a guide on how to automate various processes within your company for maximum efficiency.

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What Makes Electronic Signatures Legally Binding?

With the increasing popularity of remote work, the demand for electronic signatures (“eSignatures” or “e-signatures”) has skyrocketed. Employees may be working from home but businesses still need to continue operations and obtain properly signed documents.

They must still sign off on purchases, onboard new hires, and approve invoices. With e-signatures, users can easily sign electronic documents online using their mouse, stylus, or touchscreen device. Businesses can still enforce corporate policies and proper governance.

Electronic signature software also speeds up these everyday activities since there’s no need for printing, signing, scanning, and filing. Managers can even electronically sign off on a PO or new hire using their mobile device at any time and from anywhere.

But are electronic signatures legally binding? In this piece, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about whether your e-signature is legal or not. 

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Accounts Payable Automation Examples To Improve Your AP Process

Over half of all organizations say that manual accounts payable (AP) processes are inefficient.

Not just that, but 16% of organizations admit that they experience fraud issues associated with manual accounts payable processes.

Rather than struggle with slow, error-prone AP workflows, companies switch to accounts payable automation solutions. 

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A Complete Guide to Expense Automation

If employees frequently travel for work, they’ll need to submit expense reports to receive a reimbursement and comply with travel policies.

Keeping track of expenses that employees incur is vital to managing your cash flow. It also allows you to properly reimburse your employees for any expenses they make.

But any missteps in this process could lead to problems — inaccurate claims, unclear policies, and even fraud are common expense reporting issues that organizations face.

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A Complete Guide to Workflow Automation

Manual tasks like data entry routing aren’t just tedious and repetitive — they take employees away from more engaging work. Employees waste valuable time when they fill out forms and chase down their managers for signatures.

So how can you streamline these tasks and ensure that you (and your employees) don’t get bogged down by monotonous activities? 

The answer is workflow automation.

If your organization is still doing things manually, it’s time for a change. Automating business processes increases overall productivity and eliminates tedious tasks.

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